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    so drop the name of your city and describe what its like in several brief sentences.

    i live in Sacramento and this place is full of shitheads and phony tough guys who wear plastic jewelry and have tattoo sleeves. idiots are all over the place (especially the malls) and i'm not sure what the IQ level is around here but i would surmise that its around the lower 70s. most of the public libraries don't even carry Hemingway nor Bukowski...

    yours? hallelujah holla back...
  2. >and i'm not sure what the IQ level is around here but i would surmise that its around the lower 70s. most of the public libraries don't even carry Hemingway nor Bukowski...
    This makes you sound pretentious.
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  3. I live in Calgary.
    It's pretty spread out and it's different in all sections of the city. A lot of dirty oil field workers in oversized trucks. Downtown is full of mentally ill homeless people. A decent amount of green space and bicycle paths. You can see where the plains meet the mountains from many spots in the city, great snowboarding is about an hour and a half away. Lots of free camping close. The weather can easily swing from -20 to +20 in a day. The general population is pretty nice if they aren't in a rush
    Overall a decent place to live if you want to make reasonable money and enjoy the outdoors
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    Manhattan Beach. An affluent, predominantly white beach community within Los Angeles. It's about 5 square miles with amazing sand and great waves for surfers of all levels. Beach volleyball is among the most popular sports. There are never many cops on patrol, so getting away with smoking bud is fairly easy if you are willing to take the looks of disgust from middle-aged adults. Because of it's wealth, the community is fairly anti-marijuana and remains uneducated about said plant's wonderful properties. There are countless tasty restaurants and are affordable, though most are crowded due to the cramped nature of the city. Not much in terms of a night life or entertainment such as bowling or laser tag, aside from movie theaters. There are clothing shops littered everywhere, so many out of town shoppers like to commute in search of overpriced, "in season", hip clothes. Big Bear is a two hour drive in fair traffic, so I can surf in the morning and hit the slopes by the afternoon and still be home for school the next day. The girls, aside from occasionally snobby are absolutely gorgeous, and they all walk around in bikinis everyday, regardless of the season because it's 72 and sunny everyday. So yeah, that's the hood.
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    I live in Edmonton, about 3 hour drive 2 and a half whatever from Calgary for yall.
    Meh, this city is full of terrible drivers, ignorant oil field workers, ignorant old people, very ignorant young people and kids. Dont get me wrong, alot of super nice people here but theres gonna be douche bags wherever ya go. Women around here are very material orientated as anybody would be, i find its a little bit excessive for most, for example most women wont date ya if you dont have a car or money but i guess that makes sense. The whole sugar baby thing is pretty big out here allegedly, i dont much care for those types of people to begin with but just seeing a 21 year old with a 50 year old shits kinda fucked. 
    Club scene is pretty big out here, im not a goer myself i find the whole thing to be pretty dumb but like i said its pretty hard not to find a bar around here, overall just a mixture of cultures however i enjoy it.
    Youll be able to find negative things about every city however Edmonton is a decent place to live. 
  6. La$ Vega$, Nevada aka $in City .. Entertainment Capital o' Da World .. The $exie$t City on Earth .. Home of the Big $hotz, Rest Haven for onez with broken dreams .. Traffic coming in from all over the world yet those that live in poverty are stuck at a stand still .. Beautiful mansions that match the scenary meanwhile over the freeway Beat up shopping carts are matched up to the bumz that push'em .. The place that new families are trying while old residents are fed up .. Got marital problems? .. No problemo .. $in City has da best selection of mistresses, side girlfriends and escorts ... Indeed this place still remains Da Baddest City In America That Treats Everybody $o Good ...
  7. Vancouver, British ColumbiaDope as fuck. Lots of immigrants and bad drivers, but once you get over that its awesome as hell.Unfortunately it rains a lot, but still so nice here.
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  8. My college town is boring, but it's pretty. There are rolling hills littered with Live Oaks and grape vines in the distance. It rains a lot. There's really not much of a town other than groceries and a few places to buy clothes. Everyone smokes weed. Everyone.
    My hometown is Carlsbad, CA: the definition of suburbia. Streets there are arranged labyrinth style to create gigantic neighborhoods filled with identical houses. In those identical houses you have A) scarily religious people who look down on everyone else. B) crotchety old people who stare at any teenager they see menacingly. and C) intense soccer moms who call the cops on pretty much everything.   
  9. Panama City beach, Fl (coulda guessed that one!)Not much diversity. Redneck riviera, but growing fast. Good bud, okay prices and beautiful beaches. I love it here and never plan to move if florida legalizes!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  10. Hustle or you're hopeless.

  11. Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.
    Kinda run down and shitty in places, but I like it. Plenty of rough looking council estates to wonder through drunk/high at night with just a touch of sketchiness:
    Fights are common on the main strip near my uni halls, I've seen someone get their head kicked in once. This does have the advantage of the cops being too busy to find my weed stash.
  12. Ventura, CA
    Its the true Southern California beach town. Lotta old hippies and young wanna be hippies, surfwers everywhere. Its 30min from Venice and Santa Barbara has probably the best weather in ALL of the United States! Theres a shit ton of homeless people though. Theyre fucking migrating from Venice cause its so dirty and nasty. Oh and thanks raegen for closing down the Camarillo Mental Hospital. 75% of the homeless out here are old ass crazy fuckers. Other than the homeless its probably just about the most awesome place to live besides San Fran, San Jose, or San Diego.
  13. [​IMG]
    I live in Lake Isabella, CA. Population about 20k in the whole valley.
    This place is a tourist destonation, we have a lake and a river, Our rafting here is pretty good too, a scene of tenatious d was recorded in our river. When it comes to being a stoner this place is awesome. I am still in highschool, about 40% of my highschool smokes weed. There is like 400 people that go to it. Got some dank weed good deals, and there are not many pigs here. Which means i can toke while walking down a road on the side of a mountain. Hell I even got drunk on the side of a freeway once. The general population is poor as fuck, and the people who do have money are a bunch of old people. There is a shop up here, but its not too good, I can buy weed just (close*) as good for 1/2 - 3/4 of the cost.
    Now time to totaly make this place seem shitty, I have to drive about 1 hour to go to the nearest walmart, the only big known corperations up here are: Rite aid, Mcdonalds, Vons, Burgerking, Subway, little cesars, taco del mar, family dollar, and banks. I am not even lying those are the only franchise/corperations we have. There a bunch of tweakers here too.. piece of shit ones too for that matter.
  14. Carlisle, UK.

    But of a shithole but I love it, not overcrowded but not quiet, low crime rate and not much violent crime at all, basically none of the trouble of a big city, so I don't complain, the people tend to be a bit close minded but it's getting better, due to the population being what I would assume is 99% white, racism is a bit of an issue in my eyes but generally it's kept quiet and isn't extreme. With the higher number of immigrants to the area recently I'm hoping that the slight racism issue will be sorted soon enough :)

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