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What is your choice?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 26, 2004.


What is your choice..

  1. Get high & don't have sex

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  2. Have sex and don't get high

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  3. can't make the choice so i'll do nothing

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  4. I'll do one and then the other

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  1. Would you rather have sex or get high??

    You can't do both at the same time..
  2. i rather get high..................... sex aint fun, if is not with the one u love...
  3. ill have sex then smoke...
  4. Definitely one then the other, best of both worlds. Besides, it might be kinda hard to do both at the exact same time anyways.
  5. Get high n then have sex. Then have sex again 20 minutes later.
  6. I'd pick sex-I am so sexually deprived. My husband is addicted to vicodan which takes away his sex drive and he'd rather take that shit than have sex. So I suffer. One of these days I'm gonna have to go elsewhere for what I need. I'm only 30 and I look good and this sucks ass. Sorry needed to vent.
  7. Sorry, Kia! :(

    I'd get high, have sex, then get high again.
  8. Yeah... you can definatly smoke a blunt while having sex.
  9. that would be pretty nice... but nothin is better then fuckin and smokin the after sex FATTY... save a sweet thing for a sweeter time...

  10. That really sucks Kia..

    I know how you feel though.. the wife thinks sex is for making babies only now days...

  11. I'd be afraid one of us would get burned...that would ruin the whole mood.

    I'll smoke first and then have sex, thank you.
  12. smoke then sex....its easier to last through really intense sex after i smoke (although i really dont need to smoke to last long :) ).... or same time...sit me down on a chair and let her ride my stallion :)
  13. It depends who the sex is with, if its with any1 out of like 5 people then yeh, but if not I'll settle for gettin high ;)
  14. How did the fire start sir?

    Oh i was smoking a blunt while haveing sex.. Must of been the orgasm that made me drop it on the bed...

    Well sir, smoking in bed is dangerous.. Where is your wife???

    She didn't make it out sir.. She was under the sheet that caught fire..

    Damn the bad luck!!!
  15. I'd definately get high. Green doesn't talk back or want to cuddle when you're done with it.

  16. So true!!!
  17. ill smoke a bowl, then anther, then another, then maybe another, then sex..................

  18. Yeah, don't let him run/ruin your life, tell him to get off the vicodin or find a new wife.
  19. id have a fat blunt, then sex, then another blunt, and then a joint, and then more sex, and then a bowl, lol
  20. fucken a thats what im sayin, burn a few then rock tha casba

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