What Is Your Best High Ideas?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Schlotzsky, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Not my best idea but... why isn't there a Food Cooking & Munches section in a weed forum like this?
  2. Yeah seriously.
  3. A bong thats also a musical instrument, I would master it.
  4. 10/10 people die
  5. so i had this thought the other day while discussing with my friends (baked) :
    -since the colour that we see of an object is every colour except the one you see, because its the only colour in the light that does not reflect in your eye (according to physics), then do the people that are 'annormal' because they are considered 'very colour-blind ' , see all the right colours humans are supposed to see? meaning that society put the wrong perception and diminishes people who are 'different' ,, while maybe the 'coulour blind people' are the ones who are normal..

    think about it!
  6. I get what you're saying, and I like the theory. This is my thoughts on human sight.

    How do we know we all see the same colour that we are referring to. Our entire lives we are shown specific spectrums that are perceived as a name of colour ("red, green, blue, etc). But everyone's brain could perceive the different spectrums differently. Like what I see as blue, if you saw through my eyes, you would perceive as red. Or me looking through your eyes. I see the sky as green, grass as blue water as red. And I just think its fucked up but to you, its totally normal those colours are actually right.

    I'm sorry if that is a mess lol
  7. nope its clear, i get it cuz i thought of the same thing ! its difficult to explain, but i also wondered the same thing, like we name it blue, but if we reference it to anything, we will never be able to see what other people see, i think it either goes with the brain fonction with colours or maybe just as simple as the eye colour, im not a specialist nor have a done any researches on this phenomenon, but im a stoner who thinks about a lot of things in life, and this theory could be really interesting if it were true!
  8. a weed magnet

    if you could build a device that attracts thc, so I could glide it over my floor in my room and in my car (omg yes my car mats, I know there's at least a half of gram riddled throughout my vehicle) and collect all the remains that got away from a rolling sesh etc.
  9. Only a .5!!! Man my car I'd have like 3 grams! But anyway high idea! A butch that makes me a sammich
  10. No though this theory is a good one. Due to the fact that the rods and cones (science) in your eyes operate in a way where we only certaim ones detect reds blues and greens only, aka RGBs such as the same as a video game... The tv shows the same image even though its a different tv.. We all perceive colors the same.
  11. They have one of those...

  12. A weed magnet. It attracts weed. Sorta like if I drop a shit ton of weed crumbs on the floor I just pass the magnet over the top and get all the pieces.
  13. ^

    scroll up 4 posts.
  14. actually some people are born with more or less rods and cones those with a high number of cones can actually differentiate far more colors that normal people cannot see
  15. I have a folder on my HDD full of songs that aren't categorized by artists in folders. It would be cool if someone wrote a program feature to be built into windows that puts those songs in folders for me via alphabetical order.

    that would be awesome :smoking:
  16. What if all food was deep fried... There would be no war because everyone would be so fat.
  17. if only this were true, but kim jong un still wants to make war :/ and kim (is) phat.
  18. Oh man, I am with you on that!
  19. Oops, my bad.
  20. I round off the tax and then double it for tip

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