What Is Your Best High Ideas?

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  1. Wireless headphones
  2. Yes! Brilliant. Marry me. Lol
  3. My pals named a strawberry grape blunts kush n purp 2.7g extendo the graceful mist due to its smoking nature and it lasted 45 minutes and the moon was out

    BUR! it's a matter of frequency and vibration
  4. I also received purple energy downloads from the moon that shifted my entire reality through the reforming of the genetc structure that was facilitated by benevolent space beings...good time..recent too..2013 has much in store

    BUR! it's a matter of frequency and vibration
  5. There are look up juicy j candy cane papers got them at my local head they're fantastic

    BUR! it's a matter of frequency and vibration
  6. I'm really baked so sorry if this doesn't make sense but couldn't the government then use that against you in case you did something illegal or they just wanted to kill you for some unknown, corrupt reason. They could hack into the system and just track your stuff, like your phone and other stuff. Though, in that case you could just leave everything with a tracker behind or plant it on someone you don't like just to ruin their day. Fuck this man. I want this. I need this. I need to piss people off with the tracker. Do someone illegal and someone use the tracker to frame them. Oh man, this is glorious.
  7. Man, I don't know why but that seemed so much more hilarious than it should have been. Haha. Shit, I'm stoned.
  8. The fact that nothing is ever really explained perfectly, so we use advanced vocabulary to try and come close.

    Also, i can't explain it very well, but everything is linked. For example the fact that you would trust someone is based on you opinion of that person. But there are so many variables like, how long you've know this person, your past history, or maybe even the fact that they have the same skin color:p forgive me for even trying to explain this, it would be easier in person.
  9. vacuum conveyance system for everything
  10. I always wondered if our entire life was a dogs imagination. Since they don't have a sense of time, a long sleepless night in a kennel is a lifetime for us
  11. What if we are all just bugs on something really small in a giants world.
  12. I once thought that the reason for Cannabis producing so much THC is for humans to smoke it for it to bring out the plant's true feelings. My rationale for thinking this is that it's never good to keep emotions bottled up, and that goes for plants too (cannabis). And that it needed to get some of its emotions it can't express because of being a plant, and it discovered producing THC helped people to smoke cannabis and show the plant's true feelings and emotions.

  13. The best ideas are the ones you cant remember.. but man were they good ones:rolleyes:
  14. On 420 all pizza places should bake weed into their pies. Or at least have a way you can secretly order a special pie.
  15. if swiss cake rolls were a man id punch him for hurting my teeth
  16. If weed was legalized......
  17. not really my idea but elaborating off of it. in the trailer park boys movie when ricky steals all the "green bins" or compost bins w.e you call them and grows plants in them individually. i think hes onto something there if you can maintain them and conceal them well enough
  18. Machine/software that translates extensive personal data sets into statistical outcomes in order to predict possible futures.
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    I think this is a step possibly toward exactly that.
  20. not quite what i was thinking of but very very cool anyways! :hello:

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