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What is wrong withhh me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wiz12595, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. i try to smoke daily and its not the weed cause it happens with everykind so i used to smoke freeley and it was fun but now everytime i smoke when im coming down my chest hurts like to the left right under my heart and its like a stabbing pain the deeper i breathe the more it hurts and i have no idea what it is its kinda scary and i dont wanna quit because its fun to do and i enjoy it but now its almost becoming annoying and not worth it to do can someone please help me i just wanna smoke in peace like i used to like 2 moths ago i use a bong ussaly or a joint and it always hurts when im coming down PLEASE HELP :mad:
  2. Yep... Its AIDs.

    But for real, doesnt sound good to good man. Im not a doctor, but you might want to go see one. But definitely stop smoking if it continues.
  3. Yeah u need to go see a real doctor if your having serious chest pain.
  4. Sorry to have you hear this.. but you've got cancer.

    I kid, everyone usually gets this once in a while. I get this sometimes. But I don't think it's linked with my smoking habit.

    Don't worry about it bro :)
  5. See a doctor, most likely terminal cancer or AIDS.

  6. so y'all got jokes huh :rolleyes:

    Dude it sounds like pneumonia, when I had it I waited 2 weeks to go to the doctor because I'm a stubborn dumbass. Go to a doctor get some antibiotics and within a week you'll be up to toke out again.. :smoke:
  7. See a doctor man. This once happened to me, try getting baked and going for a long walk or jog. Just get out and exercise, that may help. As long as you get plenty of fresh air in those lungs.
  8. Like everyone else said, definitely see doctor, I doubt anyone on GC is qualified enough to diagnose what exactly is wrong, at least based on that description. Could be something simple or something pretty serious, but it's always best to know for sure. If you don't want your doc to know you're smoking weed just tell em it happens after you have a cigarette or something.
  9. Yea see a doctor,but if you want to continue smoking i would advise you to buy a vaporizer,it wont damage your lungs,and it conserves your green!
  10. Ive had this happen before and thats when i was smoking mids for about 3 months straight so if your smoking mids. I don't really know what it is but they just make it happen ha. Just take a t break and then when you go back go some real weed
  11. It happens to me sometimes when I'm taking bong hits all day, see a doc buy a vape.
  12. Its just a muscle pinch. Its unusual you get it after smoking.
  13. Im sorry to hear this my friend, hope you get well soon
  14. wiz12595: Hey i need help
    Everyone: Its cancer or aids. Sorry
  15. it sounds like either Super Herpes or Ultra AIDS. go get checked out

  16. yea me too when i smoke bunk weed it hurts my lungs its so harsh
  17. I had this too OP.
    I went to the doctors. All he said was my asthma was obviously getting worse and he said if I smoke anything then the pain will continue.

    Well. I got a vape. And smoke for a month then go on a month break. And always towards the last week of the month where I do smoke, that sharp stabbing comes back. And that's when I know it's time for a t break.
  18. Yep,vape is the way to go dude...i always smoked straight blunts and pipes,had my lungs killin me till i got one.I find its the best way,all day!
  19. To the op, I get those type of pains too and sometimes if I fight the pain and rapidly breathe in deep I heat a pop noise and then the pain goes away. It's very weird and makes me think something is wrong.
  20. REAL POST:
    A friend of mine smoked a BUNCH of sour diesel himself and was having serious chest pains. He went to the doctor and now when his heart beats it beats unnormally to the side or something. They said it was caused from electo--- somethin or other and caused it. Can't remember if it was directly related to weed or not. But get it checked out

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