What Is Wrong With This Young Plant?

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  1. Hey,

    This young plant is just about a month old from seed. Leaves started curling and kind of feeling dry about a week ago. I transplanted it the other day into a larger container and same situation a few days later.

    In perilite and potting soil with nothing added. Feeding with Big Bloom once a week (twice so far, third tomorrow). Soil is moist. This one is just under CFL's still. Room temp is 21-25C RH is 35-48%. Water PH 6-6.5.

    Other plant of exact same age (diff strain, I think) looks great!!

    This is just a random Jordan of the Islands seed I got for free with an order. Both plants have a very strong scent up close, hopefully not males but have White Widow and SSH starting.

    Any advice would be great.

    *Edit: That is water mist on the leaves that looks shiney

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  2. Whenever any of my plants do that it's because of a root problem. Either I added something to the soil that affected them badly or I over watered. Try backing off on the fertilizer and watering a bit and see what happens. Maybe even flush the soil a bit first. I've been doing lots of cuttings and cloning for the past few years, not mj but others, citrus, grapes etc. I've noticed that after transplanting they do this too. But invariably when one of my healthy plants took a turn for the worst and I pulled the root ball up to examine it, I found problems with the roots, i.e. dying roots. Sometimes it was caused by a bad fungus that took over from over watering. I now help my plants thrive by allowing the soil to dry out more.
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  3. Do you let the soil get relatively dry before watering? You should if you dont

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  4. These things need defined wet/dry cycles to keep them healthy and absolutely do not like their roots to sit in moisture constantly. You need a very light and arid soil for ease of root growth and drainage and do not need to water until the container it's in feels just as it did when you loaded it with fresh soil. Do some reading in the new grower threads on the forum. Lots of posts there that contain the basics that the new grower must know to do this without tons of stress. You can use the "fly by the seat of your pants" method and will eventually figure it out, but why not take the time to learn what you're supposed to do. Everybody puts tons of time into getting their grow area ready and thinking about lights and heat,, etc. Very few when starting out bother to learn "how" to grow the plant. The pH range is a biggie, 6.3 to 6.7 for soil grows, but not over watering is just as important as that. You should probably just now start giving very diluted nutes if any. Nutes are meant to be given to the plant once it has used up what came naturally in the soil. There is no way that a plant that is 20 days old that was started in a container that large could've used up the nutes that are in the soil. I suspect it's a combo pack of over watering and giving nutes when your plant doesn't need them. Leave it alone and let it dry out almost dead dry before watering again....no nutes. Let it do it's thing. If you've got sufficient lighting for it, once it destresses and gets to feeling better, it'll start to grow and put on more foliage. They always have to form their root system first. The size container you have them in has a lot to do with how long this process takes. That's why it's best to start them in something like a Solo cup so the root space is confined...foliage grows faster. Pot them up when they're bigger than the container they're in and you have fresh soil and you won't need any nutes for awhile.
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  5. too much water=drooping leaves the leaves should be standing straight out and pointing/reaching upwards slightly then you know its vigorous and thriving ,let it dry out the leaves/stems will start to droop when it needs more water,when you do water lift the pot and remember how it feels then when it feels real lite add water untill you get good run off out the bottom 10 or 20% helps with flushing :passing-joint:

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