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  1. i have 9 plants all are growing fine but just today i noticed one of my plants looked diffrent from the rest
    8 of my plants all have leaves growing from the middle of the fan leaves and there is one that does not have any groth from the fan leaves i c little things tryin to grow from them but they r not noticeble and i cant tell if these r the leaves that r suppose to grow out of the fan leaves

    is this signs that this plant is a male or what if anyone has any info please help i hav posted pics to show u tha diffrent between the two plants

    ans feed back is highly appreciated

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  2. HIGH All, first pic could be a male.....top it and the side shoots should start showing a week or so later....ever heard of supercropping? Google it. When some plants get to lanky supercropping is one cool way to do it.
    It's putting All it's energy to the main stem..stop that and side shoots will emerge.

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