what is wrong with this plant? help!

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  1. the plant was repotted yesterday, and shortly after it began to sag and show yellow spots on the bottom leaves. what can it be?
    any input is MUCH appreciated

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  2. Awe looks so sad. It's over watered and drowning. Just give it some time. Don't water it for 5 days at least.

    It also doesn't have some nutrients..like b1 vitamin. In 1 week you better give it some nutes. Real low dosage.
  3. it has only been given 12 ounces of water over the past 5 days can it really be overwatering?
  4. Ok so you're telling me that that baby right there has only been given a choke can of water when you transplanted it?

    Give days of when you did all of this. When you watered it, when you transplanted, how much water you gave it when you transplanted.

    Did you pour water in the bucket before transplanting only or during or after or only before or both.

    Be more specific
  5. watered 2 days ago 4 ounces distilled water. transplanted yesterday given 8 ounces distilled water. just given 16 ounces of water now
  6. Man..you are over watering. Meaning not in how much you're watering but how often.

    how are you deciding when to water
  7. was watered whenever the soil was dry about 2 inches deep. i guess theres no use in trying to save it..
  8. Yeah that's where ink need to enlighten you. You water it and pick up the pot. Then you pick it up later it will be noticeably lighter. That's when you water.

    Just chill and don't water for 5 days. See then perk up
  9. It is probably shock from the transplant...hit it with some superthrive... when I transplant I have a spray bottle with water and superthrive...and spray exposed roots as I move them. Usually turn out great. Did you tear any of the root ball while doing this? If so I would say definably what is wrong with it. ~Kush

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