What is wrong with this girl??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by forrester_senpai, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Just got gifted her from a friend. Not a clue how she ended up like this! Some of the lower leaf tips are turning yellow. And the growth is curling so much its forming these sort of little poms instead of branching. Any ideas? 20190804_081541.jpg 20190804_081619.jpg 20190804_081541.jpg 20190804_081619.jpg 20190804_081649.jpg 20190804_081545.jpg
  2. It's been stressed to the max for some odd reason. Cut the branch with all that weird growth off IMO, unless it's the only one. Then you'll have to deal with it I guess. It looks like some heat stress, some insect damage, and probably bad PH causing mutated growth?
  3. Possible russet mite damage from the looks

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  4. Thank you! Its not the only branch, the plant is about a foot tall so I'll definitely chop off the worst of the poms on the ends. My thoughts were a Ph imbalance or heat stress as well so thats comforting to hear from someone else too, in a way haha. The rest of the plants in the garden of the gentleman that gave me this one had the same type of issue about a month back but the plants have straightened out since then so I figure heat stress is most likely the main issue (plants are outdoor in southern New Mexico its been a hot summer). The help is very much appreciated

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