What is wrong with these D:!

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  1. Hello I'm a brand new grower starting for the first time and Im really confused as to whats wrong with these plants, I've tried consulting the grow bible and its useless and looked on various forums but can't figure out or find any answers to my problems so I thought Id try here!
    The one below is a random seed I aqquired so im not sure if its male or female but it grew fine until a few days ago where it staggered and the leaves started to curl up and seem to be oddly shaped! it almost doesn't look like weed however the seed itself was definitely weed! IMG_1813.jpg
    As or the one below this is Queen seeds royal bluematic it again grew just fine for a while and now seems to be curling and clumping at the top but not actually gaining any height and seems to almost be cramping itself IMG_1814.jpg
    as I said this is my first time grow the so Im not sure what to do or whereto go =/
    the soil is a tomato potting mix and the cubes in the middle are root riot cubes.

    They're both in the same type of pot and im just baffled! both currently under an 80watt LED grow light and kept around 22c at all times! although i have just removed them from their heated propagator which i never left the lid on because someone said it might've been too hot in there for them =/

    Any replies and help is gratefully appreciated!
  2. Not sure the problem. I'm a hydro person..
    But I can tell you your soul is very mulchie. Need perlite. Or something for some filtration or your gonna be having all sorts of probs. I'd just get different soil.. fox farm preferably.
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  3. Soil*:)
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  4. Thank you! :) any help is appreciated Ill look at getting some tomorrow when I can :D! the soil is quite like .. thick I guess the waters never drained easily through it
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  5. Soil is junk its suffocating
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  6. Foxfarm and add lots of perlite
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  7. Transplant it into better soil. Also transplant it into its final home. No need to do more transplanting then needed
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  8. Thank you all so much! gonna go out first thing and get some and transplant it asap! Id never have known this if it wasn't for you guys!
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