What is wrong with these clones? (pics)

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  1. I have been cloning for years now but i recently built myself an aeroponic "cloning machine". Everything looked fine until I noticed a white powder typed growth on the leaves of the clones. Now they are stating to shrivel up in a way I've never seen. (not just normal wilting). My PH is good and low, my temps could be lower but dont get past 85 degrees. What gives?

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  2. It might be salt build up. you should use hygrozyne it stop salt build up
  3. On second thought, from the pictures, that doesnt really look anything like necrosis.

    sorry for the mix-up, I have NO idea what could be wrong with those plants, doesnt look like anything i've ever seen before.

    I'm lost, but someone should be able to help u figure it out tho, if the rest of your setup has worked fine for you all along, it should be a easy fix. Hopefully u figure it out sooner than later. Good Luck
  4. I gotta say, that's not very reassuring. Please help!
  5. I've had nothing but trouble with cloning since I moved to where I am now(accross the street from grape vines which are riddled with mold problems). Last year when I moved here I went from getting 100% of my clones down to like 25-40% if that.. I had ez cloners which I had to discard because of the conditions I was cloning in.. I lost over 500 clones to mold my friend.. I hate to say it but it appears that is what is about to happen to your poor little babies..

    The white powdery stuff you wiped off what no doubt powdery mildew.. which shows that your clones have been infected by at least one type of mold(kinda evidence that others may be present also) Now if you clone in a place where there are rampant mold issues, YOU MUST treat the mother plants with bacilus substilis at least once prefereble a few times before you take the clones off of her.. I'd say once a day for three days prior to your cloning.. What this does is puts the bacteria for fighting mold on the little babies when they get cut off.. Pythium wilt, aka root rot just loves to devour the young defensless clones.. you have cut off foilage allowing direct access to the stem of the poor little things and without bacteria actively fighting these nasty pathogens they ride up right into the clones and just destroy them..

    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.. but it looks like your clones have been the casualty of this sutuation.. I have, however, saved clones that look like those before but it was only because they had roots be the time of the attack. With much pampering you can get their strength up and have them fight it off.. But that is WITH roots.. if they don't have any sign of roots yet, I think you may have to start over..
    But then I've been wrong before.. good luck bro...
  6. yeah im havin the same problem but mine are only 3 days into soil....
  7. I'm actually having the same problem. Where do you get bacillus substilis? How do you control mold, I already have fans and dehumidifier. Can you hang sulfer or something like that? Also you discarded ez cloner for what better method? Thanks.
  8. I went back to the old fashioned humidity dome, with a ex cloner you need to have a real sterile environment.. there was something here that got into that thing and killed like 5 cycles of clones.. and it was a ez clone 120! It was devastating.. I had used it with great success at this other pad in a different part of the state.. But ya.. for the lack of a sterile environment I have to use domes and have clones ready in two weeks rather than 3 days.. but whatever..

    And that bacilus substilis is in that popular Serenage Garden spray, and in many other nursery foliar sprays.. Just ask them for mold spray and read the ingredients.. it will be bacilus substilis most likely....

    And by the way.. you asked "how do you control mold?" I use the spray I'm talking about, and I use it preventatively, that is how it is best used, and that is how mold is best controlled, prevent it. But if you have it already, Remove the visibly moldy part, and spray the hell out of the rest..

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