What is wrong with these brakes?

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  1. I got a 1995 honda civic a couple days ago and I'm not much of a car person. But my brakes are strange. Its like the pedal goes all the way to the floor sometimes randomly. And I have to push it in 1 or 2 times before stopping. Its worse than when I got it too. Which was was 3 days ago. Now it happens at every other stop probably. It feels like when the brake fluid on my old car just leaked out quickly. It seems pretty unsafe like this. Also I somehow skidded the other day because I was pushing hard on the break when it was loose. I didn't even make the turn.

    Also what does having air in your break line mean?

    Thanks! :smoke:
  2. You bought it used like this? Oh boy.
    Private seller?

    Air in your brake line will produce a soft spongey pedal feel like pushing against a big air cushion. Air acts like a cushion for the brake fluid, and wont allow full hydraulic pressure to be applied to the brakes. Normally the pedal should be rather stiff.

    If you have a leak, usually it will go right to the floor with little/no resistance.

    Are you low on brake fluid? Check for leaks.

    If there are no leaks, there is likely other issues within the brakes themselves. If you cant find it yourself, you should certainly have it assessed/repaired before you lose your braking entirely.

  3. Hmm, well sometimes it feels normal. But every time I drive I experience the looseness. When stopped at a light now, I noticed that if I hold down a little harder on the brake it eventually pushes down to the floor and I start moving not on purpose. It didn't feel this bad when I was testing it...

    And no I am not low on brake fluid. This just sucks.. I always have this kind of luck
  4. It doesn't have that spongy air cushion feel though.

    Ill try and explain exactly how it feels. When starting to slow down I usually can tell if its going to stop normally or if its going to push in easily. When I know it isn't working right I push the pedal down 1 or 2 times and let it come up then I can slow down safely. Its like theres a leak or something... I don't know, I wish I knew about how car breaks worked.

    Are brake repairs like this expensive?
  5. was brake work recently done by the previous owners maybe they didnt bleed the brakes properly any backyard mechanic can do that well almost any i should say
  6. I has an issue like this once with an old vehicle that had drums all the way around. The drums would heat up my brake lines and causing them to be airlogged. I eventually converted the front end to rotors and moved all my brake lines far away from my engine and got a beefy aftermarket master break cylinder. I wish I could be more help but I don't know shit about hondas.
  7. First thing is always bleed the brakes. Then come back and tell if its better
  8. Dude you should really just go to a mechanic it'll be pricey but thats better than a lawsuit from some joe you rear end one of these days. Better safe than sorry IMO man.
  9. If your not losing fluid it cant be a leak.

    You really need a mechanic theres little anyone can do over the internet.
  10. My advice would be to bleed the brake lines and while your doing that check the brake lines for any damage or stretches. Sounds a lot like you have air in your brake lines. Air can be compressed wheres fluids cannot, allowing the brake pedal to travel further but not producing enough clamping force on the pads to slow the car. Which could be the source of your problem.
    Keep us updated!

  11. brake master cylinder
  12. - Check brake fluid.
    - Bleed the brakes.
    - Any squeaking/grinding when stopping?
    - Could be the master cylinder if it isn't anything above.
  13. On a honda civic, it's front rotors, and rear drums.
    It's one or the other.
    A: Air in the lines(bleed them starting with the farthest bleeder from the master cylinder)
    B: Bad master cylinder.

    I'm going to go with B. It's a common issue, and to DIY it's a bit of a pain. but

    Buy a new master cylinder, switch the res. over, take the side plugs out, put ur fingers over it.. and put a screw driver in the end and Push it against ur stomach(it's very hard) and as you do that a few times, it should spray out from the wholes your fingers are covering, but don't let your fingers off while releasing. you'll have to start over. Then install is.

    I find the installation under the dash to be a bitch sometimes.

    If it had a rock solid peddle, not able to push it, it would be the break booster.

    Any way, hit me up if you have any questions

  14. Probably just a lot of air in the lines, like everyone before me said. Get them bled/diy bleed job, then report the results.
  15. you need to get your brakes bleed, having air in your brakes is not good..
  16. If you havent done a brake job before, I suggest you take it to a mechanic to get it done right the first time on your daily driver.. if it was a project car i would say give it a shot, but I wouldnt experiment on your brakes of your DD man.. :wave:

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