what is WRONG with the world today?!??

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. Im watching the noon news...

    First story, a baby girl found in a plastic bag behind a bank in philadelphia. The girl, only a hour old was found by the groundskeepers there. One hour old. A little innocent baby girl. She was taken in critical conditon, but nevertheless, alive. In a fucking plastic bag.

    Next story..Apparently, you cant get on an airplane with nail clippers BUT you CAN board with a 350 magnum.

    Ill bite, Ill slow down to watch a car crash. But Im not stopping to see the glory of it...! I dont understand .. life is the FINEST thing I could ask for. Seeing these news stories sure makes me think twice about the faith I have in mankind.

    ~when you do things right, people wont be sure you did anything at all.
  2. you know, i've been wondering this since elizabeth smart went missing... and i'm trying to figure out, if they are reporting on missing children more this year than ever, or if there have been an insane amount of kidnappings/murders going on this year. everytime i turn around there's another missing child's face on the tv. thank goodness the amber alert has saved a few of them recently in california, it's a great system but sad that we have to have it intact in the first place...

    i am wondering if, because the occurrence on september 11th brought this nation together, it has caused americans to think better of themselves. i.e. we're above the murders, kidnappings, theivery... we have dropped our petty differences to come together and support one another and be ONE NATION... and now that the news has resumed to its regular regimen of criminal reportings we are absolutely astonished that after such a huge tragedy people STILL have the nerve to do horrible things to innocent people.

    sensimil: in california we passed a law where mothers can abandon their newborn babies @ hospitals without the fear of being jailed for abandonment. while many mothers have taken advantage of this option since the law has passed, people still have the fucking nerve to abandon their babies in trash dumpsters here. i don't get it - why destroy the life when you have the chance to allow it to live, and probably be adopted?!? i, as well as you, value my life, and feel it's the best thing we could ever ask for.

    what IS wrong with the world today?! why is such a large % of our population on prozac, or in jail, or breaking the law for no reason other than they have nothing better to do? i saw some guy post in a munchies thread that the best thing to do is get a gangload of people to run into 7-11 all at once and grab whatever they can and run back out, leaving the dude behind the counter with a bunch of food he has to come up with the $ out of his pocket to now pay for a bunch of punk kids. what's up with that?! why are people so dishonest and out for a free ride?! whatever happened to working hard for what you want?

    i know sensimil i share your doubts in mankind and your question as to what is going ON... i wish we could make a difference, and we can, by counterstriking with kindness, generosity, hard work, setting an example even though it might not be noticed.

    pass along the good karma and let's see what happens?
  3. ganj..im so glad to hear you on this topic..I had no idea that california had such a law. it really makes you think, that this is what humanity has come to..making laws only to loose faith. This really hit a chord with me today. maybe the planets are a lil outta line today, I dont know, but it makes me sick and upset to see this happening..Im doing the best I can to, as you put it, settin an example, but you know, Im just one loving life among this..
    people kill each other and the jury is scratching their heads stuck up their asses.
    I cant get over the fact sept. 11th is going to be here so soon. It really feels like yesterday to me. The chills I get thinking about what we as a nation came together after that day...I want to feel that forever. I want to have that faith..ugh, its just plain frustrating sometimes..
  4. You know, I was talking to one of my friends about some of the same things yesterday. It is a scary thought that this society as a whole has so little respect for life. Life is a gift and instead of treasuring it, people try to destroy, cheat, lie, and steal their way in this world. But in this day and age, the strong work ethics of past generations are forgotten most of the time. Most people (especially around here) come from a long line of career welfare recipients. I am all for the welfare system but most around here abuse it and the children are the ones that end up suffering. These people get food stamps which they trade for drugs and money they spend on alcohol. And the children sit at home with nothing to eat and cry themself to sleep. It is so sad that people anymore can be so heartless and cruel. Children are so precious and innocent and some of the ones I know have been beat and molested before the age of 8 and social services do nothing about it. So unfortunately, they end up just like their parents but a little more bitter. And thus the cycle continues.

    And the violence in society is overwhelming. When I went to high school (not too long ago), I didn't have to worry about being shot at. Now, most schools have metal detectors and kids fear for their lives. It brings tears to my eyes to think about how this world is going downhill so fast. At times, I lose faith in mankind but then I think, I'm not like that so there has to be other decent people out there. And maybe if we all live our lives in a positive way then we could bring about a little good in this world that is on a downward spiral to the depths of destruction.
  5. There isn't a rise in kidnappings, the media has just been milking them for all they're worth... I just heard that the two girls missing in oregon city (by portland) were found...one's remains were found in the neighbors shed, while the others were found in a barrel under a concrete slab..its sickening to see what human beings do to their fellow people...after everything we've learned since september 11th people out there still do sickening shit like this, andit does make me wonder just how pathetic our existence ha become...but then I remember that for every sick fuck out there, theres easily ten fold that amount of caring people like you guys out there, and thats a wonderful thing.

    Hey ganja, I heard that germany was the first country to have that law and they also built clinics with these alleys which teen mothers could put their baby in a big metal box and push a buzzer and the box would retract (like drive through teller machines) into the clinic...They had the largest percentage of success because they think many teenmothers wouldn't even want to face the nurses and doctors when they dropped their child off..they're just too ashamed..so many would resort to the uthinkable and put the baby in a dumpster or on a doorstep...More places need these laws and clinics IMHO.
  6. Well theres a lot i want to say but i don't have the time for it. Your all right, i sit around and think about how bad this worlds getting all the time. I want kids, i'm all for a big family but i'm too scarred that something will happen to one of them, this world is so fucked up i'm not sure if i want to bring another life into it.
  7. You know what else is shitty, It has nothing to do with sick fucks, but three people were killed the other day because they got struck by lightning at a funeral. Isn't that some shit?
    Just goes to show you life is short, enjoy it while you can.

  8. i hear you on the welfare thing. it's like that here, but worse. the govn't has crammed these people like sardines in a can, but provided few jobs (blame the band, and the prov. and fed. govn'ts). it's like a non-stop party here. drinking and fighting is a way of life. and theyre drinking and smoking their cheques away while their babies go hungry. over half the kids in this community can't read or read poorly. none of them could succeed in a public school. besides having a high rate of diabetes (genitics), FAS and FAE are rampet. As is abuse of all kinds.

    when you stop and think about it, who can we blame , who can we turn to? who's job is it to stop the cycle, and do they really care? sometimes i think that they planned to let the "scum" kill themselves off, while the rich got richer and richer. the jokes on them, cause don't they realise that "scum" multiplies like germs, like rabbits?it's now at the point that babies are already born addicted - how can we possibly stop the train? sometimes, like now, i feel so useless. too bad i'm just a rung above that scum line.
  9. People are greedy!!!!!!

    To prove my point just read on.

    Most of these women who leave their new born babies in the dumpsters don't want the child because it interfears (sp) with what they want to do. They didn't plan the child and don't wanrt to have to care for it.

    Some of the women just can't handle being tied down to raising a child.

    On the news around here there is a child left or abandoned at least once or twice a month.

    One woman ( who was caught) said that she didn't have enough mopney to care for a child.

    It is a sad world when people think more of money or what they want than the babies that we bring into this world. I said WE because the men are as responsable as the women. Am I right ladies?

    I would be completely lost with out my children. There every need is met on a daily basis reguardless of what that need is. I can truely say that I have great kids. I couldn't ask for them to be any different than they are.
  10. i had so much to say on this....but by the time i got to the bottom you all had already covered it...lol...good job...
  11. yes budhead as far as resposibility goes, men & women are BOTH responsible. I dont understand this though, where are the morals or even just common sense. I know all these babies arent coming from broken condoms. do these people not care or have respect for anything? life is precious and wonderful..these people arent being fair to these babies and to themselves. as far as the abandoning babies, I really get frustrated over the lack of common sense.
  12. We only think money is everything because it is what we are taught to believe. Advertisments and everything in western society is geared up so we are out for ourselves. We are supposed not to like communism - why? Because our governments have told us so!

    September 11th annoys me as an excuse for everything - it didn't change anything, it so obvious an inside job (American Government) that all it is used now is to win elections. Think about Pearl Harbour. That attack also happened when there was supposed no information on a attack on american soil and like before very little trust in the government. After the attack, every-one is "united" again. Bush has a 70% approval rating - WTF!?!

    I have little faith in humankind as a whole, but some people are good. Every creature apart from humans are genetically designed to help each other to carry on that race. Humans however find killing in the name of <insert god here> the right thing to do. This is why we need each need a army. Why we need to keep a divide between the east and west.

    The trick is to never give up the fight, fight for what YOU believe in and not what you are told to believe in. Spread the word on what is the truth. But those who tell the truth are often found dead.

    I wish I knew the answer and I wish I could do so much more. Protesting is the only voice people have left. It is very unlikly some-one gets into office to provide a voice for the people - if they do then their greedy side is soon taken over.

    Like Nubbin said also - the media just gets on the band wagon about things. Here in the UK the main report is about 12m dying in africa - like it is new news - when the fuck did it become new news. For the last ten years - at least 30,000 people a day die of starvation.

    I wish I knew the answer - I could rant all day about how fucked up this planet it - we are truly not worthy of it yet we see the need to fuck it up as much as possible. But like I say, I wish I had the answer to how to change it. I don't, I am as selfish as the next person. I let myself be blinded by the above facts by something like being in love - it's a personal gain and all I see is everything going wrong for me. Yet there are millions worse off.

    For the americans who are going to vote in november use it wisly - http://www.iknowwhatyoudidlastelection.com/ Your vote is a vote for the rest of the world - you are the last remaining superpower and apart from the east who question you - here when your government say jump - we want to know how high?!?


  13. Morals are not found in these people. Adam said it right we are taught to be the way we are. I take classes when ever they become available to learn about myself. I took the "Anger Management" classes because of the way things were between me and my ex. Most people are taught certain things a certain way when they grow up. When you get to a specific age you start making decissions on your own. Depending on the way they were raised, some of these women have the mental attitude that their babies are better off dead or left for someone else to find them because of the way they are brought up. For what ever reason they think or believe it is the right thing to do.

    People can be made to believe any thing most of the time. If you don't know, I could make you believe that i am female. I am not but you wouldn't know for sure unless you saw me for your self.

    one more thing i think is important. Some of these women feel that life is so bad(for what ever reason) that they honestly believe the babies shouldn't have to go through the chance of being raped, kidnapped, murdered, and etc. It is still not the logical thing to do but if you sit and think like some people do, Damn! I had a woman to tell me that anyone who would bring a child into this fucked up world should be shot on sight! You tell me what goes on in her head!
  14. Another thing that has bothered me for years.

    These people don't think about the ifs,a ands, or whats. They have a mind set and then carry it out. Most of them do regret what they have done. Some of them even try to make things right. Just like killers, rapers, child malestors, and other disgracefull people, They can't undo what they have already done.

    Being a parent of three, I often find myself asking the question of how are my kids going to make it through this world with all these people who don't care what they do to you. It disturbs me greatly to think some one may kill one of my kids for a couple of dollars. I mean WTF would cause a person to take a life for a few dollars. It fucks with the head some times!
  15. Some ways life sucks. Well I think that we can sit around all day and complain. Instead I am just get everything in my life on the track to order and then I'm gonna go out into the world and do everything in my power to make shit better. Anything from helping to publicize good causes and get money from charities to help organisations, giving to charities. Just anything I can possibly do. I don't try to kid myself that I am going to change the world. I'm just going to change what I can. And at the same time it's also important to remember the good things in life. As humans we have this morbid fascination with bad shit happening. It's like the whole arguments of "there can't be a god because of all the bad shit that happens". We need to accept that sometimes GOOD SHIT DOES HAPPEN! Think about it. From the smallest bit of pleasure of looking at a perfectly rolled joint, or from a perfectly poured beer, or the nicest looking peice of work you've produced. To fucking places like sn00py lives in with great views like that, to great food, great conversation, laughter.

    By all means try to improve life- but don't give up on it. That is the biggest mistake you could make.
  16. Today was a completely perfect day for me. I have been fighting with the courts for months to get legal guardianship on a 7 yr old boy that I dearly love. He is of no relation to me but I've been his aunt in all respects for about 4 yrs. His mom is my best friends niece. He was abused from the time he was born. I mean he has scars on his back that his mom did when she dug safety pins in his back to give him something to cry about. My friend couldnt take him because she is strung out and basically has no room for him anyway. Well, today, he became mine and I'm SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!! I will give him the life that a child deserves. He appreciates the little things in life and it lightens my heart just to see him smile.

    It was a battle to prove I was a fit guardian where I work all the time. But in his best interest, they gave him temporarly to me. He cried and told me he loved me and he is going to be with me forever. I look forward to a bright and exciting future with him. I will stop the abuse cycle with him. I will try and do the best i can for him and I will NOT treat him like his birth mother has. I would show a pic but all the ones I have of him on my computer, I'm in and they arent the best pics. LOL.

    So, today, I learned there is still good in this world. This boy will be given a chance for a bright future without being abused and neglected as he has been thus far in his life.
  17. what i dont get is how people, bitch and moan about music and movies, and the violence and all that whoobywhatsit, and get their panties in a wad and everything...about how they dont want their kids to see all the death or hear about women being called bitches or whatever the hell else they bitch about........now, sit down and watch the news...not a whole helluva lot of difference there. society as a WHOLE, has rotted young minds into thinking that violence is the only way to get recognition, not just rap and movies, the news, books, school, every damned thing out there!

    Norm I a agree totally.

    Short and sweet.
  19. yeah, congrats flowerchild
  20. That is great news flowerchild. You'll do fine!

    I agree with you as well Namron.

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