What is wrong with my plants?!

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  1. This is my 5th grow. These are white widow and purple ayausca clones. I have them on a 16/8 light schedule with a 1000 watt GPS at 50% from the ballast. (so like 500 watts). I just moved them from my clone box which runs a 200 watt cfl. I just moved them from the clone box to the grow tent about 5 days ago. They didn't exhibit any signs of problem until I move them to the grow tent. My problem is that I have spotting on my leaves this exact same thing happened my last grow too. (pics below) I thought it was a potassium deficiency but after I added extra potassium it didn't seem to change anything. The temperature in my tent hovers anywhere between 84 and 92 degrees F. What am I doing wrong? IMG_20170825_061415.jpg IMG_20170825_061425.jpg IMG_20170825_061415.jpg IMG_20170825_061425.jpg IMG_20170825_061406.jpg IMG_20170825_061415.jpg
  2. Looks its really difficult to tell but it looks suspiciously like a couple of forms of tobacco mosiac virus. Im no expert on this but your picture reminded me of the images i have seen recently.

    tobacco mosaic virus cannabis - Google Search

    You cant 100%confim without lab tests as far as i know but the only real solution is to get rid and i think the pots the plants were in too.
  3. Gutted for you
  4. whats your ph going in and coming out?
    Have you fed nutes? What kind of water are you using? R.O, tap?
  5. I'm using tap water but I change the pH around 6.5 before I add it. I use an array of Fox Farm nutrients right now they're in veg so I'm using their kind of has more nitrogen and I only use the nutrients every other watering.
  6. good directions except some people dont like neem oil we know who they are lol .

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