What is wrong with my plant

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  1. What is wrong with my plant ? Here is a picture of one of the leaves that cut off I am not sure what is going on anybody like to take a guess of what the symptoms of this leaf looks like

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  2. looks like youve over feed the plant looks like nute burn..what are you growing in soil or hydro ?mac.
  3. Soil and I feed them with Foxfarm nutrients only haof what they suggest. It was in a homemade pot and I was not 100% sure if it was getting proper drainage. So I switched to a smart pot and problem is not appearing on the new leaves as of yet. But the growth has slowed down quite a bit. And now a few of the leaves are cupping and in. The temperature is at 75 and I am using 100 watt LED
  4. fox farm has a lot of nutes in it already so that could be why plant looks over fed and burnt ...mac,,
  5. Veg if she was healthy I would put her in the flower today she is ready.
  6. Here is some pics

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  7. It is not in Foxfarm soil it is in a compost soil 100% organic
  8. I would flush your plant and give it regular wate no fert for a week to see if the leaves get any better if they do id do it for about another week then let it bud.

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