What is wrong with my plant

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Korbl, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. its about 40 days old, most of the lower leaves and branches died so i trimmed them, the leaves are a light green with dead brown tips and drooping leaves
    i added coffee grounds (heavily diluted) for nitrates and the leaves are not cupping so i dont think its nitrates or overwatering
    i do not have access to a PH tester or chemicals but i can change the soil

  2. sounds like a gonner, plant more seeds.
  3. i have planted some more and they are doing fine, but this plant is by far the largest and furthest along
    and i need to conserve seeds as i only have a few more left and i wont be able to get any more seeds or bud for a long time
  4. Than clone the plant or if you get a male plant, collect pollen and make as many seeds as you want : ) for some reason I can't see the pics but I'd trust snoopdog. Wouldn't hurt to just let it grow...

    At this point get a PH test kit and a PPM meter than flush the plant and measure both metrics.

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