What is wrong with my Gravity bong?

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    So, I've found that a gravity bong is the best way for me to efficiently enjoy my herb. I have a giant pot, with a gallon size hawaiian punch bottle, and a socket orchestrated into a gravity bong. Now I have cleaned the pot, cleaned the bottle to the best of my abilities, changed the water, cleaned out the socket and changed the screen, but every time I take a hit it tastes really harsh. I've been using this for about a year now, and this just started about a week ago. I thought it might be my herb, but I've had a few different strands this week, and they all taste stale. What could be wrong?

  2. I'd change everything at that point. The pot, bottle and etc.
  3. yup, I would just make a completely new gravity bong. Maybe scrap the socket, but if you accidentally got plastic in there or something, the taste isn't going away. The bottle itself isn't even worth cleaning, just trash it and get a new one, I prefer a whole new lid too but they do last longer than the bottle.

    another option is to (VERY CAREFULLY) make a gravity bong/waterfall out of a glass bottle instead. there's a few different techniques to craft them out there, most pretty easy
  4. Go buy a real bowl to fit that bottle, go buy some brass that will work from a hardware store like lowes, or DIY something.

    Here is what I would do. Go buy a real bowl for a real bong. Then go buy some sculpts or something similar that cures in the oven. You'll use that to make an adapter. Think cone with a hole through the middle for the bowl to slide into. A cone shaped adapter will allow it to fit in practically any diameter hole in practically any drinking bottle.

    For bottles with larger diameter holes keep the cap that goes to it. Then poke a smaller diameter hole in e cap and use the adapter you made to fit in the hole you made.

    I made something li,e that out of aluminum. It was a cone with a hole through the middle and a bowl in the flat part of the cone. Then the point of the cone drops into the hole in the bottle. Again the sides of the cone allow for it to fit in a number of drinking bottles. Good luck blade. :metal:

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