What Is Wrong With My Dad?

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  1. So, my dad is 47, and he gets mad at every little thing i do and doesnt speak to me for hours over the smallest things. I don't think im that bad of a son but he literally gets mad at me every single day. He's usually really nice but he has a real short temper, and gets pissed about everything. Like yesterday (senior in high school im 18) i told him i was late for class because i went to the bathroom and he immediately got pissed and started yelling at me i responded in a "disrespectful way" and didnt talk to me for TWO DAYS. He's quitting cigs so idk if it has anything to do with that. He was always like this but now its like 100x worse.

  2. your at that age where you remind him of himself at your age, and he remembers how dumb he was, and realizes you are just as dumb.. and it aggravates him.. it's just life...
  3. give him an edible.
  4. This isn't really a good suggestion but dip is much less damaging than cigarettes, it would give him a fix. I'm assuming he can't or won't smoke weed.
  5. But is this because of him quitting cigs? I really have no clue about nicotine's effects. Im seriously worried about him, if this keeps going on im afraid he'll go crazy. I acknowledge im part of the problem but i dont think its 100 percent my fault.
  6. It's a shame he is like this. I'm sure quitting has exacerbated whatever issues are there for him. It's definitely not your fault and don't let it get you down. You'll be alright.
  7. then just stop pissing him off. find out what exactly pisses him off and try to avoid that. it might be that anger is part of who he is so in his mind he doesent see anything wrong with getting angry so damn fast.
  8. That will be teach him. :lol:

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  9. He has lost track of what is important.
  10. that's pretty funny haha. my dad would act like he's upset but really I know he doesn't give a shit about something like that. it's not that big of a deal. besides, there's no point about being mad for being late to class, especially when you had a reasonable and understandable explanation. maybe he hasn't been laid in a while. tell your mon to fuck him
  11. Move out
  12. Just sit him aside and talk to him, try to get through to him. Say "Hey dad, I've been meaning to bring this up for a while, I think now is the perfect time to talk about this. Sometimes you seem to get very aggravated at me for some things that I do, but I really don't mean any harm in them. Like the other day when I was tardy for class, I swear I was using the restroom and was just a couple of seconds late. I would really appreciate it if we can talk about things like that in a civilized manner before getting really upset at each other and not speaking for days." 
    He'll appreciate your maturity as well. 
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    Dude yeah, its the nicotine. I recently quit cigarettes in March and it was 3 days of painful hell followed by 2 months of overwhelming anxiety. For me cigarettes were my escape plan, from everything that pissed me off.
    Bro if you are really worried about him suggest (very nicely) that you think he should see a therapist. Don't tell him you think he's crazy or anything like that, just let him know how he's been acting when you catch him on a good day and you think he would benefit by learning some new skills to deal with his anger.
    Also: don't blame yourself, withdrawal is a hard pill to swallow and most smokers relapse because of the anxiety. That's why I suggest he goes to a therapist and see if he/she can help him. Just make sure that you explain in great detail how he's been acting.
    When you are suffering from anxiety its easy to find a threat in almost anything, your best option is to walk on egg shells and be really nice to him. Don't say anything to him that you think would upset him or stress him out more than he already is.
  14. If he's quitting cigarettes , that is just a withdrawal symptom.
  15. Yea my Dad stopped smoking for just one day, I was amazed at how big of a dick he became.

    My suggestion is just stick in their, anytime he yells at you try not to take it to heart.
  16. just dont tell him anything anymore. if he asks questions, give him simple vague answers no more than 5 words. but he gets like this from nicotine withdrawls and like this guy said...
    its true though, and he probably hasnt smoked weed since you were born, if you think he can, offer him some, help him relax. Woosah.
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    Just tell him to grow up an that he needs to act his age an like a kid .
  18. Thanks for all the replies, i'm gonna try to talk to him today but i don't know if he's still mad from yesterday. I have an exam today and i studied like 4 hours yesterday and he got mad when i took a break.
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    Studley, it sounds like you remind him of himself.
    I went through that with my dad and still do ( I'm 55 ). So talk to him about when he was young. I know your dad only wants to VERY BEST FOR YOU. He doesn't want you to turn out like he did. Try showing him your way better and don't tell him dumb little shit,that's what gets him going. Only positive things in your life matter, like I got an A or I changed the oil in the mower. Things to make him proud to have you for a son. Got it. Make dad proud. Good luck. Pm me if you need any advice.
    It sounds like he doesn't know how to show you love, do you tell him you love him everyday? Does he tell you he's proud,loves or anything like that. Your lucky he doesn't beat you. My dad did until I moved out, I never raised a hand or spoke a bad word towards him. I'd get clocked in the head everyday. I am full of love, respect, honor and discipline, from the beatings I took. Your dad only wants what he thinks is best for you. Tell him your proud to be his son and your learning everyday just like him. There is no manual on being a parent or a good son or daughter. I have three kids one girl, two boys. I'm proud of each one of them. My daughter is 39 and a nurse/waitress part time, she loves helping others, my first son is a builder. He is 33 and builds schools and hospitals. The other boy is 26 and an electrician.
  20. Quitting has definitely intesified his issues. But just sit him down and talk yo. Be like dad, I'm not trying to be mean but latlet you've been critizing every move I make. I honestly feel I'm doin alrigjt compared to most out there, and I'd like to quit these petty arguements.

    Stepping up and speakin your mind to him in a respectful manner, without attitude, can go a long way

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