What. Is. Wrong. With my computer?!

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  1. Alright guys, I've decided I hate technology. :mad:

    Every time I start up my computer it does the normal loading shit, but then it goes to a blue screen with a message saying it crashed and something about a memory dump. I'd be able to tell you more, but it only stays on the screen for a short while before the computer tries to restart.

    I've started up the computer in safe mode, and ran a virus check, but nothing came up. I'd just keep the computer in safe mode, but then my sound doesn't work. XD

    So, any ideas? I know very little about computers, so it could be anything really...
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    Sounds like you need a new computer. Blue Screens Of Death (BDOS) are usually caused by failed hardware on old machines. You can try your luck to see if any wires are loose or the RAM isn't properly seated inside your machine.

    Edit: I'm not exactly sure what a memory dumb is, but if I remember correctly, my first computer came up with that same message and it turned out to be the RAM needed to be replaced. You can buy some new sticks for 20 bucks or if your short on cash you can try cleaning it and seating it correctly. Good luck! : )
  3. When it's booting, hit F8 like you're going to safe mode, but pick the option to disable the automatic restart. Then it will stay on the blue screen and you can see the full error message and take your time.

  4. Some or all of your ram is bad. Try removing sticks to find the culprit. I had this same problem and it drove me nuts. One of my ram sticks was bad
  5. Haha no idea. Just don't do what I did today. Cut my hands up pretty bad after I threw a temper tantrum and literally punched apart my laptop. Thankfully I got myself a solid iMac to fall back to.
  6. Thanks for the quick replies, guys! :D

    I'm almost 100% sure it's a virus of some sort, and not a RAM issue, or anything like that. There's a program that installed itself that is saying there's viruses on the computer that aren't actually there, and preventing me from using any programs. I've had this happen before, and fixed by doing the safe mode/virus scan method, but it's not working this time.

    When I scanned, there were a few "infections" but my scanning program got rid of them. And now, the computer isn't even letting me use the program, even in safe mode. :confused:

    Also, I tried making the computer not automatically restart, but I wasn't given the option to do so in the safe mode screen.
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    I guess your windows is corrupted as it shows blue screen, it may be a few reasons for that crash message like virus, last installed program which may affected to your windows and thats why windows is not loading up. So there is only one way let is format and install clean windows again. Hope that will solve ur problem.
  8. The BSOD (your blue crash screen) is just letting you know you have either hardware failure or software failure. Either can cause one. Do as Feanor says and when the blue screen happens copy the error number down.

    If you can repost it back here, someone can look it up and possibly tell you what's causing the error.

    It could be absolutely anything from too much dust causing the computer to overheat and crash to faulty motherboard drivers. You never know.
  9. Any time it says creating memory dump, it is almost always a ram issue. A virus is a possibility though, so run a good antivirus and malwarebytes in safe mode and see what turns up.

    I thought my issue was a virus, then my hard drive, then my power supply, after replacing those it turned out to be ram all along
  10. Damn I am in the same boat as the OP with my desktop, I have been looking to buy a new one but I think I will try the suggestions on here first.
  11. Memory Dumps are created whenever a Stop Error occurs. Memory dumps don't point the finger at RAM as quickly as some others have previously stated. Get us the Stop Error Code and we could assist, or you could Google the stop error and get info that way.

    From the mention of a pseudo-virus suite telling you your pc is infected, I will almost certainly bet some scare-ware tricked you into installing it and is now wreaking havoc on your system.

    If no hardware is actually affected, you should be able to rid your self of the issue by performing a clean install of Windows. There are less drastic measures you could use, but they may not succeed.

    If the PC is really old, and not easily repaired, then I would consider purchasing a new one.

    My 2 cents... :D :smoke:
  12. Yep the memory dump is used to see what was going on when the crash occured. It records the contents of ram and other shit so you can find the issue.
  13. Sounds like you've caught a pretty bad bug. That program that installed itself is most likely giving you false virus reports on your computer so you interact with the program and possibly give it more permissions to access your computer. And yeah sometimes they do 'lock you out' of your own system but you just have to be smart and work around it. You can probably do this a few different ways...
    You could either download a program called Spybot: Search and Destroy, install it on your computer IN SAFE MODE, update it and then run it. It's free and very very effective.
    If you know where the program's location is and where it is dropping it's programs (Usually in a temp folder) then you can find the names of the program. When you get the names you can either Google them to see if there is any information on them or you can get into the registry, place the virus' name in there and find where it's hiding and delete the reg entries. Also you'd probably have to remove the program from the computer startup and I guess you could find the name and the location of the program through that.

    Hope that helped!
  14. Alright, I got this shit guys! After trying to get the error code and all that, my computer went to a black screen with white text telling me I should reinstall Windows, I complied and got it working! Sadly, every single fucking thing is gone. 26 gigs of music and a large number of movies/games, down the toilet. :(

    Thanks so much for the help though! Good to know I got my blades to rely on. :D
  15. If you're on a new go-around, here is your chance to set things up right.

    Either buy another hard drive to store all your data (music, etc.) or split up your current hard drive into 2 partitions. A smaller partition can be used to install Windows to, and the other partition can hold all your data. That way if you have to reinstall Windows it won't touch your music, etc.

  16. So, if I save all my music/games/etc, to say the hard drive marked D, while all the windows shit is in the one marked C, I'd be good if something like this happened again?

  17. Absolutely. :D

    However, if you have a hardware failure (i.e. the HDD dies) you would lose all data on it. To protect yourself against that, you could always back up media on DVDs or another media. I try to keep only Windows and other programs on the System Drive (C:), and everything else on other HDDs/SSDs. I don't even keep my downloads folder on C:. Also, I keep a backup of the media in case a HDD/SSD goes down. Hope that helps. :wave:

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