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What is wrong with my bud?!?!?!?!?!?!? Please help!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yonnie62393, May 11, 2011.

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    When I first got it, it was a vibrant green color and felt sort of dry like it normally would.anyway, I kept it loose in an emptied out floss container, which was in a little box, which was in a drawer. I went back to it about a week later. To my surprise, it's a very dark green color and feels VERY soft, not dry in any way, almost feeling like moss. My dirt thought was mold, but I didn't know what moldy bud looked like, and it didn't seem to have obvious gray on it like it said moldy stuff may online. I then put it away bc I was afraid to use it, and about a day later I went back to it. It was now still dark green, but was way drier and had a little brown in it. I then stored it in seran wrap in a ziplock bag for a few days, and now it is a more vibrant looking green color, seems dry like it should be, and has a littttttle bit of brown. Is there ANY POSSIBLE way it could be dangerous to use in any way? And would you? Please be honest. U think I have anything to worry about? What do you think happEned to it or is Wrong with it, most imPortantly?

    EDIT: also if you think it's drying out, how did it get so wierd and mossy at first?? It freaked me out
    PS the floss container was totally dry when I put it in at first. Also, sorry for my paranoia and for the fact that I practicall wrote a book :)
  2. dude my bad if i sound like a dumb ass but im high and it sounds like you got color changing bud :eek:
  3. Honestly, it just sounds like the bud's dryin out a little, it should be fine. If there's no bad smell and no visible mold (there is/was a thread stickied on here that had a picture of moldy bud), smoke it and post back.

    But generally, if you don't feel like you should smoke it/are uncomfortable smoking it, don't smoke it, ya know? Your health is more important than your 20$ or whatever.

  4. Yeah that.

  5. I wouldn't smoke it even if it was good. You bought schwag aka laced Mexican dirt.
  6. #6 Jumbo, May 11, 2011
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    "My dirt thought was mold" who is your dirt?

    "I was afraid to use it" saying you use bud is wrong. Its smoked not used...

    Just smoke it......

    Not gonna lie, but it sounds like you have a really bad memory and keep forgetting what the weed looked like. i bet if you took pictures, it would have looked the same every time.

    and btw, weed is different colors all over, some of my nugs are dark one one side, then a little lighter lookin on the other.

    edit: moldy weed picture


    thread on moldy weed
  7. Sorry about "dirt". I meant first. Damn autocorrect lol. And I know it changed color bc my brother gave me this bud, but still had more later that I could compare it to. And the only reason I said "use" is to be discreet and not incriminate myself. Anyway, is there anything you guys have heard happenin like this? And is it really obvious if it's moldy?

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