what is worth saving as trim.

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  1. I am helping a friend with harvest. This is the first time I have seen this done. We are pulling all the leaves off the bud that have a visible stem (people don't want stem visible in the bud). Some of these leaves have trichromes visible on them. My question is how much of the plant is worth saving? The actual leaves trimmed from the bud get saved. Seems like a lot of waste, but I have no idea what actually has enough cannaboids to be valuable.
  2. Anything with trichomes. Nothing more.
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    If you EVER have dry days, then EVERYTHING is worth saving besides the main stalks. Folks who harvest new crops, before running out of the last crops smok,e probably wouldn't find it worth their time, but folks who run out for days on end and need to resort to buying, should be using their materials as efficiently as possible. :)

    The smaller stems closer to the leaves and buds have admittedly very few cannabinoids, but those big, seemingly trichome-free leaves contain a surprising amount of potency. :)

    This came from I believe about an oz of, what appeared to be trich-free leaves.. an alcohol extraction will get you even more than ice or dry sift;



    (edit - it looks 'fluffier' and like more than it is in water, after siphoning and extracting it dried down to about 1.4 grams :) )

  4. [quote name='"BadKittySmiles"']If you EVER have dry days, then EVERYTHING is worth saving besides the main stalks.


    Even fan leaves?? Highly debatable.

  5. Google is your friend. :) You do realize seemingly gland-less males have potency too, right? :hello:
  6. Yeqh I've researched this up the ass so post a link that proves me wrong, from what I've learned, fan leaves with zero trichomes or sugar contain low levels of cbds, but no thc. That is why some fan leaves can be squeezed to make an herbal drink that is very medicinal due to the cbds. I'm not trying to argue...

    But your saying if you take a fan leave from the bottom of your plant with nothing visible on it...it still has thc? If this was correct then we could chop a plant down in veg and make qwiso out of it...that won't work though...will it?
  7. So anything with visible crystals can be used to make hash. Leaves with no visible sugar can be used if the tnx is extracted with alcohol or another solvent?
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    Yep, just did some more research. Kitty is right, but they have VERY low levels of thc. So it's somewhat worth it...especially if you're completely dry. You just want to make sure you don't start extracting the chlorophyll as that will dilute your concentrate so to speak.
  9. Ethanol is expensive to use in large amounts. Is there a reasonably safe alternative for use with fan leaves?
  10. 99% Isopropyol. Or Hexane.
  11. would you recomend this over the bubble hash ?
  12. It's all preference. This is much easier than bubble, but bubble can be much better or much worse. All in the technique and preference.

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