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what is worse?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jun 16, 2003.


What is worse?

  1. Pipe or joint but no lighter and this means nothing to light it with

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  2. Having a lighter and bud but no pipe or papers on hand

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  1. Is having a pipe but no lighter
    Is having a lighter and no pipe or papers on hand
  2. They both suck about the same.. Doesn't leave you a way to get high either way!
  3. either way doesnt matter.

    1. - Get a candle. get a peice of wood
    catch it on fire.
    smoke :p

    2- Make your own ghetto bong out of a plastic bottle :D
  4. it doesnt matter if i have no lighter becuz i could go to the town amoco and get a free book of matches
  5. the second option is worse. if i have no lighter i just use the hob :D
  6. what stylez and d9 said.
  7. id ratha have the lighter.... with u're imagination, u can make anything into a smoking device.

  8. My thoughts exactly. It's easier to improvise a way to smoke than to improvise a way to light.
  9. I couldn't vote becuase both of them would really suck,
  10. No light, I would use a magnifying glass and do a solar bowl. IF I hade no pipe or papes I'm sure I could find something to burn it. Hot knives, toioliet paper tube with foil for a bowl. Maybe I'd just use tweezers pinching a hold of the nug flame it up and inhale smoke like hash on pin.
  11. I think its worse to have a packed bowl or a jay or blizzie sitting right in front of you.. because then your like, "damn.. i've got this shit right here.. but nothing to light it with.." thats just me... later on..
  12. thats y u should always have a book or 2 of matches in ur stash, or a magnify glass ( get the full taste of ur bud, no butane)

    somebody tell me.
    why it feels more real when i dream than when i am awake,
    how can i know if my sense are lying
  13. Having no lighter is definately worse. It sucks seeing the weed right there but you can't smoke it. If you have a lighter and bud but no pipe you could easily improvise.
  14. i think their the same in suckyness, both are easily fixable by drivin to a grocery or liqour store and either buyin a lighter or papers, if id had to chose id proally say not havin a lighter is worse cause it sucks to have a blunt all rolled up and everyones ready to smoke and then its like 'you got the lighter, no i thought you had it , no i thought you had one'
  15. well they can both be solved by using knives and a stove
  16. either way you're gonna have to go to the gas station to get a lighter or they both equally suck.
  17. But....i can't drive, so I'd have to walk a whole mile! Whereas its easy to improv papers or a pipe.
  18. How about everything but your bag of herb

    that sucks
  19. If i had the bud and a lighter, i could make a ghetto pipe out of a pen or if im desprite an aluminum can.
  20. havin no pipe or papers is worse.... cus me n my friend used to light J's with a toaster... it works! we had no lighter on us usually...

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