What is with these four spiritual goals / beliefs / ideals

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    These goals / beliefs / ideals seem to pop up at many places as though they are the 'way'
    As far as I know I dont actually think there is a definite religion which necessarily includes all of them within - though they may as well be joined into a single religion

    They are:
    - Love
    - Destroy the Ego
    - Reconnect with God
    - Achieve Oneness

    As of yet I have not noticed any other significant 'ideals' besides these
    I think I currently believe they are other than the correct 'way' - the correct way being different away them - one of the purposes for this being I simply dont find 'Soul' located anywhere within them
    They do pop up a lot though - somewhat as though they are part of a checklist

    Has anyone else noticed these repetitive 'ideals'

    Does anyone know if there actually is a religion associated with them
  2. check

    i think its all love brewing subconsciously, just assuming

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