What is with our obsession with sensuality.

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  1. It just seems so odd that no matter who you are you are more than likely someone who loves sex or would/will love sex.

    As intellectual as I try to be and read up on new and interesting ideas, I'd much rather have some young, busty, curvy 20 year old girl naked and all up on ME. :devious: I'm twenty years old too btw.

    I'm baked as hell right now and it just.... idk It's really just deppressing me and I guess cause I'm still a virgin. I once had a truely hot ass girl but it was an overseas relationship and it's pretty much gone now though she still loves me as a friend. but that's a tangent.

    What are yalls thoughts on this if any?:smoking::smoking:
  2. it's nature, we become sexually attracted to other people because its necessary in order for our species to reproduce and survive.:cool:
  3. It's one of those things that's hard-wired into us through evolution. We have to have sex to make babies to survive as as species so a strong desire for sex would have lead those who possessed the desire to have more sex and therefore more babies, then those babies have more babies and so on.

    We can't do anything about it and all of us are slaves to this desire to some extent, some less than others, some more obviously. In my personal experience I've found that people who are less intelligent are more readily controlled by this desire, while people who are more intelligent are more likely to be more in control of their sexual desires. When you realize that a large portion of your emotions and such revolve around this intrinsic subconscious desire you can better learn how to control this desire and recognize how it influences you and then have better control over its control over you.

    I guess I'm saying that you can liberate yourself from the bondage of these evolutionary desires to some extent. More intelligent people are more likely to realize these things and liberate there minds more, while less intelligent people are less likely to do so or even realize or think about these things at all. It also happens that most people are stupid and don't think about these things which explains why the obsession with sex is so prevalent in society.
  4. It's left over from the earlier stages of man, it was the way reproduction was encouraged. Personally I'm not a very lusty person, only masturbate on very rare occasions, and I hardly ever think about a woman as an object for sex. Like, I don't go out in public and see a nice ass and get a boner anymore, but rather just appreciate the beauty and realize the feelings come from the soul's drive to unite with that which is beautiful, God being infinitely beautiful.
  5. its so the species will continue and evolve. enjoy it
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    That was beautiful :D

  7. I don't know much about spirituality or religion, just trolling, but I think that if you look for someone that is emotionally compatible with you, you will have better sex than with 'just someone', so save it for someone that means something. If that means a long wait, so be it, sex should be an expression of Oneness. You don't wanna become 'one' with just anybody. Just mom talking here.
  8. Mom speaking some wisdom ^ :)
  9. I just read the virgin part. Let me tell you this. Sex is NOTHING like what you imagine it to be like as a virgin. Beating your dick with lube actually FEELS better, but it's the whole mental aspect that makes up for it in actual sex. At least that's my opinion, like they act like the first time you have sex you'll only last a few minutes because it's soo good or whatever. bullshit, I lasted like an hour.

  10. Haha agreed.

    I remember getting so amped up about having sex... then I lost my virginity while I was wasted to a decent looking girl with a loose vagina, who was also wasted. Disappointing to say the least.

    Even the hotter girls I've had sex with (who weren't slutty)... it doesn't feel that amazing... like you said it's the mental aspect of it.

    These days I hardly ever think about sex.... I rarely jack off. Sex is just....wierd to me now that I am starting to see humans for what we really are, strange hairless monkey-aliens. I no longer get a boner just from watching porn or thinking about sex... I have to put some serious effort into it lol.

    I do think that sex as an act of love is very beautiful and special, but not in a desire-based way, rather as an expression of divine unity.

    Some people, when I tell them that sex doesn't really appeal to me anymore, tell me "Man that sucks" or "What a shitty life", and others say "You are very lucky". I am very happy it is no longer a distraction to me, I consider myself very lucky... when I was a teen and was horny all the time it was terrible lol.
  11. I'm a teen, and in all honesty you're all right. I look at the kids around me in school and so many of them are just completely enthralled by their cravings. I'm glad I have a sense of control.

    I mean sure, I always have my "man, I wanna go fuck some chick tonight," but there are people who like, "dude I gotta fuck someone tonight man," you know?

    Masturbating is weird now. Like trist said, very seldom do I. Once a couple weeks just to clear the tubes, essentially.

  12. Yeah man... some people are completely obsessed with sex 24/7. Actually I would say most guys I know are obsessed with sex, ruled by it.

    Good for you for having self control.... it seems to be a rare quality these days.

    I have my moments every now and then where I want to have sex, but the craving is no stronger than, say, a craving for a piece of chicken for lunch....

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