What is with my Vocabulary

Discussion in 'General' started by Relentless, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Lately, I've noticed an ever increasing shift in my vocabulary when high(not just when high) from simple word's and phrases, too more advanced and complex word's and phrases... Essentially I am trying to exercise my full range of vocabulary which help's me remember word's and phrases...

    The problem I am having is, I end up getting shunned or even disdained by those closest too me... My family question's my drug use because my vocabulary is improving. How can I convince my family and friend's that articulating myself is not something negative?
  2. why would your family question your drug habits because ur vocab is improving? makes completely no sense to me
  3. Me either! it's such ass-backwards logic!
  4. id question ur families drug habits lol
  5. I can speak with full on ebonics when I'm high, I literally sound like I'm "straight outta compton" I once freestyled about my friends Toyota sequoia for a good 8 minutes, I mean I sounded like I don't even know what but I tried.
  6. make it a joke on them...

    "i'm smart, you're not, haha"
  7. Your parents are accusing you of drug use because your vocab is improving?

    That makes no sense lol...they should be excited if you are bettering yourself intellectually
  8. Tell them that you're going to do your vocab exercises by smoking pot.
  9. This makes no sense. I have a feeling your probably saying some dumb shit that only sounds smart because your high lol. If you do sound smarter and they think you have a problem...

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