What is weed called in your area?

Discussion in 'General' started by Unclescam777, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. I've lived in 3 different states and I noticed that everywhere has different terms for their pot.

    Florida: Highs= Kryp Lows= Dirt
    NJ: Highs= Kind Bud Lows= Shwag
    Pennsylvania: Highs=Nug Lows=Shwag

    Is there any reason why certain regions have different terms? It can be kinda annoying when moving to a new state, you call it what you know and people look at you like you have 3 heads, until you describe it and they go "Oh you mean ____"

    So whats it called in your area
  2. highs are called dank and mids are mids and lows are shwag

    thats in VA
  3. oh yeah, forgot to mention mids. At least they had the same name everywhere I went, mids were always mids no matter what state I was in.
  4. The good stuff is A-ster or just good bud. The 2nd rate is Bster & usually comes from bc. No mexican flatweed here else thats what its referred to as.
  5. I live in PA and you were right, high=nugs mids are mids and low sis shwag
  6. Call it what you want to call it. If you know who you're getting it from, you'll know what you're ending up with.
  7. PA: KB or Nugs, middies, shwag
  8. um... we just call it pot... lol.... we dont get any shwag.. or mids for that matter.....
  9. I live in south florida and around here, it goes. Highs = Kryp | Mids= mids | lows = regs
  10. I live in WA state (close to Seattle) and the bud here is called...
    "dank" becuase its ALL dank!! lol

    but for real--highs=dank mids=mids lows=shwag...

    If I want to buy some pot I just say "pot" or "weed" or even sometimes "reefer" lol
  11. I dunno, me and my friends don't use any special slang terms for quality of ganj, it's just "good shit" or "bad shit" and stuff like that.

    But for the herb itself, we call it trees, nugget, or weed.
  12. Ahh... Up here in New England (in the area im in at least)...

    We call it the "Chibi Chibi" and "Chronic"...

    But for the old, republican bias, Mary J hating, religious old coot, its just straight up "Weed", or "Marijjunia"
  13. i live in alabama


    it's as simple as that
  14. seattle

    All bud is dank.except the dimes and nicks sold by the hoodlums
  15. We dont ever use words like dank or shwagg, i learned those words after years of smoking on this site. Weed is called weed, good weed is called exactly that. Bad weed is called bunk here.
  16. Bomb - Dank, Chronic, Ganja, hydro

    ok - Middies, beasters

    yuck - Shwagg, Stress, Bobby Brown, and brick
  17. Weed is called "Can I get an OZ please".
  18. I have met only two people in this bloody state who can differentiate Indica/Sativa, Good/bad, Chronic/Myrsh, Etc/Etc.

    To everyone else I talk to, everything is 'chronic' regardless of quality.

    Oh well.
  19. Everyone around here calls it Chronic.
    However I usually just call it Pot or Grass, not everyone is into the gangsta' cliche way of talking.
  20. pennsylvania here...

    highs- headies
    than beasters, than mids, which for my are encompasses anythng from high mids to dirty brown schwag

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