What is VEGGING?

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  1. hey can some one tell me wat vegging is?
    is it wat im doin rite now with the same 6500k daylight cfl?
    what bulbs do you use for vegging?
    what bulbs do you use for flowering the daylight bulbs or the ones that look like a regular circle yellow orange bulb?
    what is this plant light i bought at walmart for its not that same color as the daylight bulbs this is called plant lite 65 65 watts 1 bulb BR30 (says makes plants look healthier and greener)and its like the same color ass a circle bulb but gives out more heat?
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  3. Read the stickies bro :)
  4. Vegging - vegetative growth. The initial type of growth, when the plant is growing roots, stems and leaves only. Vegging is followed by flowering, when vegetative growth largely stops and the plant starts producing bud.

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