What is up with this Goodstash guy?

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    Listen to this guy, holy shit.. there are a few of his videos that get me fired up. I'm sure some of you have seen this before, I was kind of taken by surprise lol, check it out.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3vB4NCkmgU]‪GOODSTASH PART 1 RESPONSE TO GLASS ON GLASS‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    he goes on in another video claiming he can blow anything ANYONE else can, any type of scientific perc, he says he'll pretty much top it... idk if hes crazy or what to think
  2. this guys an idiot, and i dont buy a word he says.
  3. I feel like this guys just trying to promote his company more.
  4. fuck this dude, i'd rather stick with my GonG because i've never hit a grommet bong with an airtight seal and 99 percent of GonG joint's go on waterpipes so you tell me how the fuck someone's gonna get glass in their body frankly i just think it's bullshit.
  5. "Its not your job to know how it works, just consume the product"

    This guy is a dick
  6. If that gets you going you should see some of his other stuff... his philosophy pretty much is, if you aren't a glass blower, you have zero say and your opinion doesn't matter.
  7. man fuck that guy. i love glass on glass only way to go imo
  8. Lol, this guy is just another idiot trying to make a buck.

    Oh and lets think, what does a bong have at the bottom of the downstem? water, since glass is heavier then both water and air I dont think you would be able to suck the glass into your lungs.

    I wouldnt take a lesson on how to tie my shoes by this guy, let alone how to blow glass.
  9. dude, i just watched some more of this asshole's vid's on youtube and i must say that tony goodstash is the biggest tool on youtube.
  10. That's a mighty big claim, have you seen JP (Toro)'s "I can do this shit all day every day" video? The guy comes across as the biggest f'ng tool I've never met.
  11. Haha I'd like to see who's the bigger tool cuz tony is pretty damn good at it.. Ill have to check out jps vid
  12. This dude without a doubt has mental problems.. like I'm not even kidding, i've seen these videos for years and all I can say is he seriously has some kind of mental deficiency. Like not even trying to rag on the guy, but he's completely delusional. He needs medication..
  13. By the way in case any of you are wondering, Glass on Glass joints were borrowed from the medical industry. Over 95% of GonG joints today are bought by medical research facilities. The medical industry has been using them for much longer than glassblowers and believe me if they weren't safe they would never use them.
  14. First, don't read off a piece of paper. Yeah, we've all done that....in 5th grade.... holy unprofessional.
    Second, All of his points are so off track, it's not even funny. Chipped glass in a restaraunt? Yeah, obviously they are going to throw it away. He's comparing a chipped joint to a chipped glass. Where exactly is the comparison? He makes excuses about not knowing shit about a car, even though you own one. Even though i'm a mechanic, people should still know how to change a tire. Do you really want to be THAT guy on the side of the road that can't change a tire? Pathetic.

    I could go on and on picking apart that video, but i've got things to see and people to do.
  15. this guy is a fucking moron.
    the water in the bong would trap the "glass dust" in the water,it will never reach your lungs,it will just splash around in the water till it gets stuck on the side of the bong or settles to the bottom,and then eventually down the drain when you change the water.

    maybe if you had a dry bong the glass dust could be inhaled into your lungs but not with water.
  16. He's just a fucking idiot for claiming that glassheads shouldn't worry about how the piece is made...and should just sit back and buy his garbage without question. I'm personally interested in learning to blow glass and this fool has no fucking business teaching anyone. This guy is someone using dead technology who's company is probably bleeding money from all possible exits. Have fun selling your bongs to tobacco shops and gas stations.
  17. If you wanted to counter a lunatic with a lunatic here's your chance. lol

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2jDow8uDMU&feature=related]‪Response to Tony at GoodStash - The Glass Dust Mythos‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    You can tell the ridiculous claims got under everyone's skin, guys has some harsh words for him in a couple different places lol
  18. Lulz, I googled glass dust lawsuits like he suggested and the only thing that came up was people on other forums talking about doing the same thing I just did.
  19. this guy makes glassblowers look like big pieces of shit lol
  20. Watch more of his videos the dude is a total clown, he thinks he is a badass. The worst part about the whole thing is he discusses the negativity behind glass on glass in that video and in another video he's in the same headshop discussing the fact that they sell glass on glass pieces in the shop, hypocrite.

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