What is up with this fiber 'fad'?

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  1. Has anyone else noticed this? Everywhere i turn im being reminded about how much fiber i need in my diet. I mean everyday fiber this fiber that. Im seeing 10 commercials a day about products now with MORE fiber!!

    Idk it seems like marketers are all just jumping on the fiber bandwagon all of a sudden. Like before everyone was ALL NO CARBS! Now its MORE FIBER! Haha, maybe its just me

    And to be honest, yeah i know fiber is important but ive always just kinda thought about as the stuff that makes your poops float. my gym teacher told me that back in the day haha

    Opinions? Is it just me or what?
  2. Let me be the first to say Fuck Fiber.
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    Yeah, I have been noticing the increasing fiber ads as well. But the whole "no carbs" thing was a diet. Fiber is more of a necessity for digestive regularity, especially one that most people neglect. If you just wikipedia it:

    Dietary fiber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You can read all about it. I find this to be especially interesting:

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    I dunno what that's about, man, but I've noticed that shit lately too. It's fiber and that weird yogurt that supposedly helps regulate your digestive system. Which I guess means you don't get all plugged up and you don't get the 'rhea. Fiber is important and all to having healthy, regular bowel movements but its weird to see every other commercial with some fiber in it and suddenly seeing "now with 7 grams of fiber!" on everything.

    Beans ftw.
  5. Hahahaha, no it isn't just you. I have a friend who is one of those health nuts and she's constantly raiding all food I have to see how much fiber there is etc.

    The real question here is: Why has the world become so interested in the density of our fecal matter?
  6. No shit, its like one day someone realized "Hey, everyone gets diarhhea so lets bombard them with our ads for out shitty products so they think they wont get the runs anymore"!

    Personally, though, id prefer diarhhea to vomiting. I tend to puke fairly often lol
  7. Getting a proper amount of fiber daily isn't just about the "density of fecal matter." Fiber helps the GI tract properly absorb nutrients from food, instead of just expelling it. When you have diarrhea every time you shit, there's both a fiber problem, as well as a nutrient-absorption problem.

    The way most people eat is not the way our bodies were designed to be fed.
  8. The boomers are getting old and constipated, it's just marketing.
  9. some people enjoy shitting more then others
  10. Anything that keeps me on the toilet is OK by me!
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  12. :eek: WANT
  13. Out of all the stuff in that picture I think I would use the megaphone the most.
  14. if you guys have issues with 'rhea or getting all plugged up there, look into getting more fiber for sure. I get plenty of fiber now, as opposed to a couple years ago when I didn't eat as healthy; and I've noticed my digestive system is a lot more regular. Fiber is also good is you're trying to lose weight - it makes you feel "fuller", basically.
    Bean burritos are your friend.

    Edit: What does that red button on the floor do?

    but why is "pimp c", deceased rapper, formerly of UGK, a tag for this topic? Just curious what he has to do with proper digestive health. I don't think he ever rhymed about the importance of sound nutrition but I'm not sure about that.

  15. Why wouldnt Pimp C be a tag for this topic?

    Haha but no idk i was seeing if anyone ever read the tags

  16. NEED:rolleyes:

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