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What is up with my Weed ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Robseps210, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. This is supposed to be Triangle kush . It smells super skunky
    The intinial high and taste set in nice like any other normal good strain .

    It’s not ass sticky when rolling so that’s weird but the main thing is this shit gives me pounding headaches and 0 appetite after I smoke . It also leaves an overwhelmingly strong fireworks or matches-like after taste in my mouth .
    So bad that I need to brush my teeth .

    I usually get the munchies , feel like watching tv or listening to music and feel so relaxed on the come down on all good strains . But this one leaves my heart racing and makes me want to go to the emergency Room like for real .

    I haven’t smoked it in 3 days because I’m confused Ass hell about it .

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  2. I haven't had pot that gave me headaches. Try smoking a very small amount and see what happens. Your racing heart tells me you're smoking too much but at this point you may experience anxiety no matter what. Even thinking about smoking it makes you anxious. It looks fine.
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  3. I’m assuming you live In illegal state ? If so
    Then you might of got a sativa and you mainly smoke indicas so your simply not used to it/your body doesn’t like sativa ? Idk I would suggest smoking significantly less and see how that goes. If not then it’s some badly grown weed then Idk
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  4. Likely this. Sativa with a much higher ratio of THC to CBD then your used to. A good sativa will feel like a stick in your head stirring up your brains. :)
    Can mix it with some Indica and it'll be much more useable. A bit more CBD will take that fingernails on a chalkboard feeling down a few notches.
    Early harvested Indica can have the same effects as well down to the headache.
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  5. Weed increases your heart rate. This bud is probably getting u anxious so u notice it more and that in of itself can worsen anxiety and increase your heart rate even more too. Headache maybe could be it not being flushed of nutrients enough (just a guess). Like others said it could be more THC or more sativa or whatever. Having CBD with it should definitely help mellow things out. Go easy with that bud, mix it with some kind of CBD product (you can get them even in illegal states, hemp CBD is legal nationwide, if ur not in the US check ur local laws) and that should make things go a lot smoother.
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  6. Ive smoked for 20 years and this is the first time ive felt this way from a stash .

    Some things i might factor in is that 2 weeks ago i smoked some moonrocks and i deeply regret that . Stuff was way too strong for me and it literally gave me the Shakes and the Runs . I guess this strain wasnt the best strain to follow up on that .

    ive never really studied the Science behind weed but i will now due to so many new strains and hybrids popping up .
    I also cant drink a cup of cofee without feeling like crap afterwards , Uppers arent just for me .
    I think the Sulpher like after-taste wasnt doing my paranoia any favors either .

    I looked up this strain and supposebly its a indica so that leaves me a bit confused aswell .
    My favorite Strains are Girl scout cookies and Gorilla Glue .

    Never been a fan of Dabs or edibles .

    Ive only smoked half this stash and ill probably just toss the other half like i did with my moonrocks .

    Thanks for everyones advice . I will shop wiser from here on out .
  7. Whats the correlation between illegal state and it being a Sativa ? Just curious
  8. I suggest going to the doctor, holy shit getting the "shakes and the runs" from smoking? As Toke mentioned smoking increases heart rate. Go get checked out at the doc just to make sure everything's on the up and up just encase.
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  9. lol he said "ass sticky" but on a fr note make sure its not laced with anything i smoked a blunt rolled by a friend one time and he sprinkled cocaine in it without me knowing i had a headache and nausea
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  10. To be honest I think that was a negative reaction from the Moonrocks I smoked prior to getting this stash (maybe my body doesn’t like the chems ) .
    I’ve never enjoyed dabbing because it would always make me feel like complete shit during and afterwards .

    Smoking what I now think is a sativa stash didn’t really help me cope during the recovery
  11. When you say mix it you mean Vaping or eating cbd gummys while smoking this right ?
  12. There’s a problem in my area with people lacing weed with fentanyl. I’ve heard around that if your weed taste like popcorn or similar it could have fentanyl in it. This is all I could imagine as I’ve never felt this way from weed before , and the taste thing is concerning because if it doesn’t taste like weed when u smoke it, it’s probably not

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  13. Never mind , lol from reading more into the post it seems u might just have some strong ass kush and sometimes u gotta limit urself with certain strains and do the research on the thc to cbd percentage and the pros and cons of the strain

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  14. Smoking it, vaping, eating, yeah any of that while smoking ur normal weed.
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  15. We're not allowed to talk about "other" drugs here really but no way would a substance derived from those red flowers that made Dorthy fall asleep cause someone to feel paranoid, quite the opposite. Also weed can taste like a lot of different things and idk what clown actually "laces" weed in real life but it's practically an urban legend. It just makes no sense to do. So unless the taste is straight up alien and suspicious I wouldn't worry about it "not being weed".
  16. I think what Renegade had meant was that an illegal state would allow for regular pickups of herb without being 100% sure of genetics or make-up. this opens up the possibility for one to get a pure or sativa-dominant pickup after a string of indica-dominant strains without the person knowing until they smoked it— which is what he suggested may have been the case.

    have you tried any more of this herb, OP?
    you could always just trash this stash and try again.
  17. At least for me and my anxiety disorder it doesn't really matter Indica sativa hybrid whatever. The fact remains that too much THC streamed into the brain at once will cause somebody who is seriously anxiety-prone to panic sometimes depending on how much hits and how quick. So for me the cardinal rule of one hit every 15 minutes wait and see approach prevails every single time. Some people call this microdosing. I can get screwed up from an Indica just like I can a sativa so for me microdosing is key of course using one type of strain in the day and one at night will make a difference. If I have to sleep I do take that in consideration at least for me the sativas definitely keep my brain running longer. But the whole Indica sativa thing, at least for me and I have numerous different anxiety disorders if you have anxiety the key is go slow and microdose to get the best results. When you have anxiety when it comes to cannabis less really is better.

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