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What is up with my bud?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Highfives, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    I began smoking pretty recently (starting from this summer) and I encountered a pretty scary incident already. When im high im usually tired and sleepy due to the fact that I often lack sleep. This weekend I smoked from a bowl with my buddy in my backyard. I began to see white boxes in my eyes and began blinking a lot, when we decided to walk back in i like passed out for a sec and busted my knee lol. Can any1 see a cause for this? Because this never happened and this definitely was not the most weed I smoked at one time, I am concerned that my bud may be laced or sprayed with some rat poison or some shit. I know im paranoid haha. I posted some pics of the bud i used, its loosely grinded up but i hope that wont really affect nething. Please lemme know if you see anything wrong with it, or can think of some possible cause for this experience.

    Thanks a bunch

    *Ask me any addition questions that you may require to answer the post below

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  2. definitely looks like its laced with crack
  3. haha dwaine, no man its just okay dank. it happens sometimes man your body isnt always 100% ready to be high
  4. Your body needs sleep. Part of being a daily smoker I've learned what my body likes, it likes being high on a full stomach ad a lot of energy. Learn what your body likes.
  5. Yea, I am less concerned that it is laced with some drug. But i was thinking possibly RAID or some shit.
  6. Now ask yourself.. Why? Why would ANYONE do that? What would that accomplish? Killing of the clients? That would work against dealers.
  7. What were you smoking from? and more importantly, while smoking were you squatting or sitting? You could have just gotten a head rush when you stood and just passed out from it with the combination of smoking (causes lack of Oxygen.) As far as I can see there's nothing wrong with your bud, it looks like some good stuff in fact!
  8. prolly greened out for a sec. i NEVER knew what it was like until i took a break for 2 weeks (haven't had one in 7 years) and got high again after... i got all dizzy could barely walk and fell down in the was kinda fun if i wasnt sick lol. just be careful walking if that happens, your weed looks fine though. TOKE UP!
  9. get a grinder
  10. I was actually smoking from a water bottle bong lol (more like a pipe cuz im not creative enough to make a way to add water to it). Took some huge hits and then i felt it hard. I was sitting when doing it and i guess your right about the transition. When i was walking, i was craving to sit down hahah. I think the main cause was lack of sleep for that day. Thanks a bunch every1. Now im wondering if you can identify the type or strain of weed?
  11. I know this may seem crazy, but I like passing out when smoking dank as weed... I wake up feeling all tingly and happy. xP

    But your weed isn't laced dude, it happens sometimes, especially if you have a low tolerance...
  12. Did you eat anything that day before you smoked? I passed out once because i smoked 5 blunts one day and didnt eat anything since i woke up.
  13. How much did you eat before smoking?
  14. good to know bro. just so you know its almost impossible to tellt he strain of weed by a picture alone. only if you know the grower can you be more sure of what the strain is.
  15. STOP smoking that immediately and throw it away because that weed looks like it was laced with crack, you need to get to a doctor at first sign of any body irregularity.
  16. i hope you're kidding...
  17. Your fine. Have you had any recent changes in your eyes? Like Glasses or contacts? Sometimes you eyes react to something different.
  18. I actually didnt eat anything before I smoked haha. I sound like an idiot rn. My buddy came over at 8, we passed out on my couches till like 12 or 1pm and then we went out and smoked.
  19. Looking at all the pictures on grasscity, my weed looks terrible hahah. Bcuz i live on the island (NY) its hard to get some good bud. That stuff i posted is some of the better stuff u can get.
  20. May have been dehydrated. I often get light-headed or feel like I'm going to pass out if I'm dehydrated while toking.

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