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What is up with my attitude?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tokertots, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Ok i started smoking when I was about 14 I turned 18 in October and now I'm an every day smoker. My parents found out about a year ago and I swear they hate me now. But my question everytime they raise there voice at me I flip the fuck out. Like I can't control my self they keep asking me if I've done pcp because of my violent behavior. Why do u freak out I started punching my door the wall I get in fight with my dad. Like what the hell is wrong with me why is this now happening afte 4 years?
  2. i don't think its the weed in terms of chemistry just try to relax and take some deep breathes
  3. It's possible you just have some anger issues, which may or not be related to the pot..
    Living for 4 years trying to keep your smoking from your parents can be a hostile environment.. it seems natural to me that by now you'd grow tired of them harassing you about drugs.
  4. Doesn't sound weed related to me. Sounds like you need therapy or something.
  5. That's what I mean though they sit there playing fucking games with me now that I think about it might just be time for me to quit. But alright before I smoke or I know I'm about to like I'm happy about it but after my high I get all pissed and don't wNt to be around anyone
  6. Its sounds like you are having a hard time communicating your ideas to them. Just remember that there are some people that cant change. And if they dont want to see the change....they wont.

  7. I've already had a therapist cuz my dad got charged with assault on my little brother and it ended up to me fighting my dad when I was about 17
  8. Well, it might be pent up aggression toward your parents. Just try to relax man. It's always good to have an outlet to relieve some stress and aggression ASIDE from smoking. Reason being, you can't be high all the time lol. Just try to find something that you can do to take your mind off things. Talking to someone you trust can also help, whether it be one of your parents or a friend.

  9. just beat up some hookers in GTA.
  10. this happened to me the other day actually, my dad took a dig at my clothes and i just totally flipped out (which im not usually like) and then like half an hour later i was sitting there thinking "wow ... why the fuck did i over react like that?"

    for some reason when i toke, about 3 hours after i come down from the high i get really grouchy and unsociable


  11. And that's were my love of skateboarding comes from I'm sponsored by a local shop and all of them are really chill but all of thin are like the same way there is this spiritual chick named Suzanne that's chill as hell I talk to her alot about all the crazy shit in my life

  12. Gta so funn but modern warfare 2 is wheres it at!!
  13. I can't play shooters while high, I either keep shooting my team or I react too slow. Dragon Age is the only game I play High.

  14. Haha yah
  15. I kick ass at MW2 when I'm high. I get more focused on the TV and just generally see things better and react a lot quicker when I'm ripped up lol. My best games have all been while stoned.
  16. Move out, or get new parents. I doubt it's marijuana , unless you have no self control.

  17. Yah I'm moving out as soon as my friend gets back from college at the end of this year were getting an apartment that his dad owns in downtown charleston sc
  18. Also on the therapy note, I personally say fuck that. 3 hours in a chair spilling out your problems to some fuck with a PhD, then spending a fuck load of money, and to get no help. Not go to a therapist for advice fuck them, go to a homie. When I was younger I noticed that if I smoked daily, then a day I didn't I would be kind of pissy. But I grew out of it, and being sober doesn't fuckin make me mad ass hell anymore. Do you get violent when you're high, or when you're sober?
  19. Your a bitch
  20. i always found that weed made me a passafist :]

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