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What is up with celebs smoking...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushBomb, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Like i noticed with like Wiz Khalifa and what not he smokes on stage and shit right.

    But its the end of the world when your at your smoking a J or whatever you know.

    Like this shit is currupt as fuck. Like he smokes in front of 100s of people i smoke by my self and i still got the pigs at my door trying to put charges on me

    Happy Smoking :smoke:
  2. He has a MMJ card I think.
  3. He has a medical card. If he didnt he would be treated like anybody else,
  4. i still thought it was illegal to do in public but i may be wrong anyways just a small rant
  5. :confused:When its his concert and only ticketholders are allowed in I don't think its considered public
  6. Fame = power. Being a celebrity has its perks. Cops aren't gonna bust Wiz at on of his concerts
  7. He has handed out j's to fans in the crowd... Celebs get treated different but it really depends on where you are. A lot of celebs do get fucked
  8. Wasn't he arrested a while back for possession??

    I don't really follow him too much so I don't remember completely.

  9. Ive never seen him give out j's before but the people there were pretty sweet met some cool people even met a good buddy of mine most people would pass you there peice if you had like a dollar ha was a great time.

  10. He was he a shit ton on him i believe but it was just a slap on the wrist didn't have a jail time or nothing just a little fine.
  11. Wiz seems pretty annoying. I saw that video on here where he catches one dude smoking a blunt and he throws him out of the studio. It's not like he cares about his lungs with how much smoking he does.
  12. I just googled it and he had the charges dropped lol.

    They charged him with trafficking in marijuana for only 2 ounces.. obviously that charge would not stick lol

  13. Yeah my bad, remembered wrong, it was his concert on his stage but it was berner that was throwing them off. Heres a link to a video that shows it. Just skip to 7:00 to see what they're throwing out to the crowd.
  14. I went to a Mac Miller concert a few months ago. He was smoking on stage and I'm in Florida, a non MMJ state.

  15. Cops already busted Wiz at his concert awhile ago
    They found a big amount or weed on his tour bus
  16. didnt lil wayne getting busted in idaho(where i live) for smoking right after a concert? and wiz most likely has a card, even though i highly doubt he needs it

  17. I highly doubt he stops Snoop from sparking up a blunt around him though...

    But anyway to answer your question, like the others have said I think it's cause he has a MMJ card.
  18. They would have to bring an army of cops to bust everyone smoking at a Wiz Khalifa concert lol
  19. He didn't throw him out, told him to put that shit out then handed him a joint lol can't complain about that. Why have a tobacco leaf burning in the air when you can have the smell of pure weed?

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