What is typical day like working at a licensed hydroponics facility

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  1. Hello, I have been running my own soil grow operation for the past 3 years at home with a 5x10 tent and LED lights. I produce some pretty good stuff. As a result I got noticed by a business owner who is opening a brand new licensed hydroponics grow facility with all brand new equipment and high tech stuff, and he hired me. I have no experience growing weed hydroponically, so I got some to learn there. The owner hired me and 3 other people to work at this facility. It opens in 2 weeks.

    I have questions on what I should expect my typical work day to be like? The owner was telling me the work schedule probably would be something like 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 5 days a week. I'm just trying to figure how is there going to be 40 hours worth of work in a week for a job where plants predominantly are just growing. Does anyone here have experience working at a class facility and can describe what the day is like? Is it difficult? Are you really going to be working a full 8 hours a day everyday, or is it like you coming at 7:00 a.m. but you might finish your shit in a couple hours and you're done for the day? I would love some insight from people who would know something about this. This is in the state of Michigan
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  2. I get covered in crap(compost) so I imagine you are gonna get very wet

    so why hire a guy whose got no experience ...?

    good luck
  3. Not exactly the answer I was looking for
  4. i would say there be some trim work to do too, i did run a 33 gal trash can outside growing watermelons, i was checking the swing on that water every hour until dark, there more to it than just watching bubbles, was for me anyway ,
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    Be ready to work your ass off buddy!
    I guess it depends on the size of this facility, but growing at scale is a whole different ballgame than just rocking 50 sq ft of hobby growing. At least it’s just hydroponics, that’s pretty easy compared to other methods, but you will still have a ton of homework to do. I hope you’re proficient in cloning tech too, you’ll need hundreds now, on a consistent basis.
    Have you ever harvested 20-50 lbs in one session? It’s not as easy to do it right as it sounds. We have a three man trim crew that works full time… just trimming and packaging.
    Make sure you have a SOLID IPM PLAN.
    You will have more of your ass on the line if pests show up, and they will. A sudden infestation can get out of hand overnight and cost you an entire run if you’re not ready for it.
    My best advice is this. Tell boss man that he needs to hire a commercial grow “ consultant “. This person should have years of prior experience growing cannabis commercially AT SCALE. This person can help guide you through the initial set up phases and can add to the knowledge you will be bringing to the table. Use caution, and vet this person well, there are lots of “ consultants” who are a little too proud of themselves!
    One last note to mention… someone needs to be the computer genius. Look into METRC, they are the company that most states use for their seed to sale tracking system and they are a huge PITA. Ridiculous amount of data entry and man hours needed to stay compliant who’s those ass hats!
    Hope this helps, good luck:passing-joint:
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