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What is true friendship...???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Well last week my friend (who im close too, and he has a serious temper problem) well on tuesday i asked him to go cliff jumping and he flipped out about he has better things to do with his life and hes not doing stupid shit like that, and got all bitchy, and ignored everyone for the rest of the day, and i told him to quit being a bitch and suck it up. ( we've been through more intense shit and havent gotten upset about it, and i was confused why he was acting so PMS'y) and so the next day at lunch i ask him again if he still is being bitchy, and he throws his soup on me which was hot, and as i was looking down he broke a lunch tray over my head, and now after being expelled from school (him) he wants to be all buddy buddy and im basically like ' back off bitch you hit me with a tray' and now he's being a dumb ass, hell i dunno any advise from my fellow stoners?
  2. Wow, that's fucking weird....I don't know what to tell you....maybe he was just having a bad day, and now feels bad about it

  3. That's a good idea now that I think about it...that's probably what it is
  4. bop Him with a lunch tray, then ask him if he still wants to be friends. :)

  5. Thats what I was thinking Critter.

    He must have been scared and embarrased about it!
  6. tell him to buy u an oz and u will be his friend again :) lol (i would take the pot and not talk to him...)
  7. I also think the dude's scared but, damn, he didn't have to act like such an ass! It's only fair that he get's souped and cracked over the head with a lunch tray too.

  8. then tell him "we're even"
  9. not to be mean or anything but i would have loved to see someone get a lunch tray smashed over their head.
  10. my advice is stop being a woman.. your buds.. not bf and gf
  11. yeah, good friends dont whine, they get even!:D
  12. true friendship is knowing that shit like that will happen every once in a while but letting it go because you like the person. And having him sponsor the next smoke night with some good way would be a good way for him to atone for hitting you with soup and a tray.
  13. well, i got another update... so i havent really done anything in react to what he did, but i was like... i hope he gets what he deserves... and he did. His parents called the cops and probation officer and they searched his room and found handgun hidden in his shit... and him being 18 means that he's going to jail and shit for having a stolen gun, unregistered, and being underaged too... so i feel like i've gotten my justice he got his bad karma back at him...
  14. This post pissed me off. You think because he threw a lunch try at you he deserves to go to prison?

    You are suposed to be his freind and you are happy that he is getting locked away?

    thats GRIMY. Just FILTHY.

  15. It's not his fault all that happened
  16. no..he said he is happy bout it, didnt say it was his fault.

    think being happy bout it is a lil fucked too...
    ever been to jail?
    you get more than trays on ur head :/
  17. damn that guys a dick! fuck him, for get bout him completely!

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