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What is trim good for?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by CannabisCrush, Oct 20, 2014.

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    What is trim good for? What kind of oil do people make with it? Do they make edibles with it?

  2. You could do a bho run with it and make wax.
  3. Edibles aren't that difficult to make, you could also make it into some kind of concentrate - QWISO is pretty simple.
  4. So trim is perfect for edibles then?
  5. Yeah! No one really likes to smoke it, but it's still got cannabinoids in it that'll get you high so you can use trim to make cannabutter!
  6. Trim is great for edibles, though I prefer to strain mine, so I don't get too much leafy burp. 
    Then I use the oil soaked remnants for topical applications. 
  7. reproducing and enjoyment
  8. 45 an ounce is a ripoff. I pay 200 a pound for trim which is the going price (where I live). I enjoy making bubble hash with it. Very clean and no solvents.
  9. I use good trim for edibles. If its mostly crystal covered small leaf, kief and bud 1 oz per lb of butter. But if theres a ton of leaf and stem in there may want to use more.

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    oh cool
  11. Btw does anyone know how to upload a picture on here? When I hit image it asks me for a URL. What is that about?
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    200 to 250 a pound in Colorado

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