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What is thiss herbbbbb?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by H1ghL1fe, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. #1 H1ghL1fe, Nov 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011
    Yo new kid here to this and smokin.. So supposedly my pretty good friend hooked me up with 'cali strawberry' which costs 20 for a G but he decided to give it to me for 10 cuz we were cool but hes acting suspicious n I never heard of this cali strawberry but then again Im NEW.. Anyways ill admit it smells really good.. Sort of spicy but also a hint of like sweetness in the smell.. I cant wait to hit it because he saids it reallt 'high grade' n i got a good deal I might post a pic uf im able to.. But its like orange mostly anddd shit idk im to lazy to get up n get it.. Anyways Im just curious on any help with identifying the strain? N did i just get fucked for my money?.. Thabks for help in advanced guys.. :smoke:
  2. Can you post a pic? That way we can tell you if it looks good or not. I've never heard of cali Strawberry even though I live in Cali but I don't every single strain. Does it look like its covered in lots of little crystals? Oh and most of the time you really never know the strain you are getting unless you get it from a clinic or you know the grower.
  3. Pics are needed don't touch it till we see it, might save you some money.

  4. x2

    never heard of it.
  5. A pic would help a lot man, but $20/g is the norm price of some pretty dank weed.
  6. I'd like to see a pic, gogo macro!
  7. the orangy smell could be from him rehydrating it. Which adds weight,makes it look better, but it makes it burn rlly badly

  8. yeah most likely its mids and he's just hyping it up.
  9. i agree with the others a picture would help a heap load,
    the spicy scent you said sort of gives me suspicions tho

  10. Spicy scent, a pic please you dont wanna be screwd and end up smokg some k2 or sumtin.
  11. Oh shit im sort of scared now :p but ill post a pic soon, on my iphone n away from home but Ill do it ASAP thanks again..
  12. Lawlzorz OP sp34kz in 1337 n'd cnt spl gud, OP iz 13 yrzz olds
  13. I actually can spell.. But my phone's autocorrect is off n i make alot of mistakes sooo why take the time for proper grammar :D n im actually 19

  14. No, apparently your phone does the spelling for you.

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