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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chi3fer, May 13, 2006.

  1. hey got a baby 1 week old what is the pruple on her? also another that had the loghts turned off on it and now the leaves are shriviling do u think i can revive it. over view good.JPG


    can it be.JPG

  2. It might just be part of its strain. Lots of strains produce purple buds and leaves, but I wouldnt be lead to think they start at that young of an age. Maybe it was overwatered? Or maybe lacking some nutrients it needs?
  3. dunno thats what im asking
  4. Don't worry about that dude. It's just part of the strain. Those are the first layer of leaves anyway. They're doing fine, so I see a bright future ahead of this plant! :)
  5. Is it possible that your grow room is too cold? When I tried my first attempt at germination I had very cold conditions and the leaves/stems turned a tint of purple.
  6. no the room fluchuates from 82 to 90 degrees maybe alittle to high but not cold for sure
  7. chi3fer,
    What type of soil you got there? Don't keep them too moist. Your soil looks moist. You have a few more inches in height (3) before they need to be transplanted into something bigger. Other than that, they look good and my vote is for a purple strain characteristic.
  8. Purple strain, real nice one looks like to for it to start being purple so soon.

    keep that baby alive!

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