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  1. This is my first grow and it seems to be going pretty well, except for some damn racoon or something digging up and killing some of the ones that have already been moved outside. I'll deal with that bastard though lol. My question is, one of my plants that is about to be put outside is starting to show sex. Problem is that im new to this and i think it might be a hermie. Im not sure though since ive never seen one. It definatly seems like it has some male flowers but also looks like a bud. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. Thats no hermie, its just male :smoke:
  3. yea agreed

    :eek: thats a beast of a male balls everywhere lol! keep that away from any girls!
  4. Thats what happens I guess when people grow before they read, wouldn't want that beast near my ladies unless I was looking for an army of seeds. He looks like he is ready to turn a crop of sensi into seeded bud :smoke:
  5. yea, maybe best to chop it
  6. lol, wow, i new it had male parts but i didnt know it was a super male.
  7. It aint "super male" its just most of us kill males off very early to avoid seed in a crop :smoke:
  8. true, so very true lol damn males

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