What is this??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Fester13, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I think I'm approaching harvest time and I noticed this pale green little "shoot" growing out of my blueberry.... what is it?

  2. boy parts
  3. That would be bad, right?
  4. indeed. i would look through the plant for those...

    If there are anymore.. i would just rip them off. try and stunt the male growth while ur finishing up... u seem very close. judging by those hairs. so just get that thing *whatever it is* out of there.
  5. The hairs are turning brown its time to harvest the buds are as ripe as they will get. If you wait longer that male flower may ruin your buds. If there is one more will be on the way.

    Have you maintained a constant light cycle? If not that my be why your plant is stressed and going hermie.

    The buds are mature and the pistols are turning brown cut her/him down and enjoy.
  6. Yes the light cycle has been very constant, I have it on a timer.
  7. either way. ur shit looks ready. if ur trying to give it more time. get that node off that.. but i doubt u will be able to stop it if u dont harvest in the next couple days.
  8. I'm harvesting now, thanks for the help!!!!
  9. K! GOOD LUCK MAN! AND CONGRATZ! Make sure to read up on drying and curing. so that bud achieves maximum dankness
  10. Oh yeah, I've been reading up on drying and curing, can't wait!! :)

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