What is this?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by AK74, May 10, 2010.

  1. can you tell what it is? +rep to whoever gets it right

  2. An elephant's vagina?
  3. some kind of insect
  4. surprisingly no lol

    theoryGV is close but obviously this thing doesnt exist in the real world. but its made of things that do
  5. Dude I'm pretty sure that's an elephant's vagina.
  6. The hell? Is that a new pokemon or something?
  7. ok ill give a clue. its halfway into the morphing process of two things. what two things?
  8. You remember that s*** in Star Trek II or III that Khan put in those guys ears to make them go crazy...? That's what it looks like.
  9. catepillar morphing into a butterfly
  10. pretty damn close
  11. Al elephant morphing into a vagina?
  12. a pine tree branch.
    there's a little pinecone in the middle.
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    nah thats not a pinecone, ill go ahead and say that those are caterpillar legs because it is half-caterpillar, half something else........but not a pine tree lol

    haha its not half native american either
  14. Half caterpillar half native american?
  15. looks like a black guy wearing a baby bonnet with insect wings and horse hooves and taking a shit out it's blue tail thingy :confused_2:
  16. Maggot turning into a fly?
  17. nope its already been established that its a caterpillar morphing into something........but what is the 2nd thing? not a butterfly but close in a way

    once the answer is out i'll post the entire morph sequence
  18. caterpillar into a cacoon?
  19. its not something that a caterpillar would ever turn into in real life
  20. maybe a bee or something with a tail, got me idk :(

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