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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. Will somebody go to this sight and tell me what the fuck this is?????? : http://www.emanator.demon.co.uk/bigclive/bodyfaze.htm

    This guy seems to have made alot of pojects based on his other projects, aand seems to know what he\'s doing.. For i can\'t figure out if I\'m just too stoned to understand comprehend, or if I\'m just high.
  2. I have no idea man...he talks in some complex language that I cannot comprehend
  3. i think hes trying to confuse us into thinking hes made a teleporter
  4. I think that guy had some really good weed and a little too much time on his hands
  5. thats some major bullshit man
  6. is there anything saying.. WHY that guy climbed a telephone pole and grabbed a live wire?
  7. it\'s bullshit, i only read the first paragraph. there\'s no citizen matter transport bands, or citizens would know about em, much less the four approved ones this guys talking about. plus there\'s no thing as matter transport through frequencies. this guys crazy. i\'m high.
  8. good weed, wild imagination, insanity.
  9. no i think the fact so much light came from the guy in the pole might have just screwed with the camera

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