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    This is starting to come in on one of my blue mystic autos.

    Currently using 1/2 strength flora trio nutes + the entire GH lineup including calmag.

  2. your PH and EC is on point? whats are they at?
  3. ph always 6.3 - 6.5 but usually its 6.3 every time.

    And my EC, not gonna lie, I don't check it often.
  4. Wondering if this is a potassium deficiency
  5. I don't grow in soil so I'm really not sure/can't say.

    When posting your sick plants questions
    this link will help though^^^

    good luck! :)
  6. This looks pretty idenctical to a potassium deficiency

  7. Looks like potassium.
    Potassium is K
    Definately not phosphorus deficiency(P)
  8. I meant K, I edited it lol.

    But ya looks that way to me to. Does this mean im not feeding enough? Should I up to full strength? Im currently using 1/2 strength
  9. The GH feeding chart is probably shit i dont think they make it for cannabis so probably lacking in the K and the P to be honest. Run it 75% and watch growth i personally dont like to increase nutes more than 25% each feeding it seems to work for me lol.
  10. Wondering if I should do a flush or just Increase nute next feed
  11. Can someone chime in please. This is on multiple fan leaves on the plant

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