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  1. Fourth year growing outdoors. It's not mold. What is it and how do I remedy it? Many thanks

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  2. Hmm that's a strange one isn't it. I'm generally pretty good with these things but never seen that before either.
    Nout I can do for you but wanna see what it is for future reference.
  3. Has it been getting cold at night?
  4. Some else posted a pic like that lately. I bet it has something to do with purple genetics. That is purple, eh?
  5. I have the same thing going on with all 4 of mine. Apparently some kind of infection. There is another thread as said above. Some kind of microplasm something or other.

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  6. Weird..mine just started this as well. I have 3 different strains outdoors and it’s happening to 2 of them. Weird thing is my indoor plant that’s the same strain as the outdoor plant doesn’t have it. Just find it odd..
  7. This Spring I had purplish buds on my outdoor autos. I was advised that was, likely, caused by cold temperatures... and that jived with my thermometers; ‘twas cold at night.
  8. Its not from the cold. I started to see it in early August when it was 35c 42 with humidex. 20190811_160844.jpg

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