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  1. So I bought a pipe bong bubbler thing today. I've never seen anything like it and after an hour of searching I can't find anything on it. I really just need to know how to use it, do I fill this inner tube with water? 1504127763750329358356.jpg 15041278619912108395897.jpg
  2. I think that's just a regular pipe man, doesn't look like there is any percolation

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  3. If that blue spiral is directly connected to the down stem of the pipe and connects straight to the mouth piece then there's no way to get water in the tube. So sadly to say man. It's just a regular pipe like Louie said.

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  4. That is just a fancy bowl my friend

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  5. Can you even put water around that blue spiral of you can fill it and freez it.
  6. Ha, that's a good idea man. I'll try it out
  7. this piece is a dissapointment honestly
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  8. What's that at the bottom? Is that a hole? I guess you could add cold water in the empty chamber just to cool your hit a little. There won't be any percolation because the smoke just goes through the blue tube

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  9. hey man i seen this somewhere else, its meant to be filled with water then frozen.

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