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  1. Hello. So about 3 months ago I planted a bagseed and I forgot about it. I walked past it today and I remembered about it. As it was a bagseed, I wasn't sure what its sex was.
    So when I walked past it, I was shocked. The plant was weird. Like, it was one stem that was about 10cm tall that was sticking out of the soil, and it looked like it budded. So this was a really small plant. So I harvested it 4 weeks later as I needed the pot it was in. I attached some pics of the "bud". Can someone please just verify that it is a bud, or is it something males produce? And I also trimmed it. There are definitely trichomes. No hairs. I cannot possibly sell this as I am not sure what it is. (I grow a lot of females, but I have never seen a male before. I use clones and feminized seeds to prevent pollination).

    For the last 4 weeks of my finding that, I gave it bloom and micro nutrients.

    If this is proper smoking weed, but premature, then all I can say is that I am stunned. There were no white or brown hairs to indicate how long it has been flowering for.

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  2. Nice man. Can't beat free bud. A buddy if mine grew a couple one foot tall plants that flowered and everything but I don't think he knew what he was doing. Told him they flowered right away cuz of the hours. Only time we can veg here naturally is in June for like 20days
  3. I think he got like an eighth lmao but of dank stuff at least

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