what is this??

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  1. What is this? how can i get rid of this?

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  2. Take a picture of the whole plant. Looks like powdery mildew. Are the plants inside? What's your humidity/temp like? Or did you spray your plants?
    Could even be lent, any clothes near by?
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  3. i grow outdoor in a greenhouse. Easy sativa and outdoor grapefruit. Max temp is about 36-39 celsius and at night about 12-15 celsius. About humidity idk my termometer broke . But its about 25% at day and about 80% at night. For now they like the heat, No problems. The leaves are mostly affected inside the plant

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  5. that looks like early signs of spider mites
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  6. You might be right. From what I've seen their dots are usually more uniform. Maybe it's the pic. Looks fuzzy white in some spots. Should check the under sides of leaves.
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  7. IMG_3883.JPG IMG_3881.JPG This is spider mites
    Yours looks somewhat different but check the underside of leaves. They are visible to the naked eye (barely)
    Thrips leave more of a white squiggly line so not that
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  8. hi thanks.
    it was most likely Powdery Mildew. I spreyd with baking soda and neem oil. But i fuck it up. To much baking soda and now my plants are burnd....Will post a pic. hope it will recover.

    There was no mites ;)
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