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  1. This girl just went into bloom. After the first dark period, lights came on and I found this. Water drops on the tips of her leaves... it taste like marijuana.

    She's in hydro, and humidity is way too high but I can't do anything about it. Is that all it is? None of the other plants did it, and there's no condensation on the walls of tent. [​IMG]

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  2. looks like a pot plant bro
  3. its called "condensation" lil buddy :passtheshit:
  4. Is it just the plant sweating?

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  5. Hi i know were ya cumin from as looks like other plants dry so if walls dry etc and only this plant wi drops on it then its strange! I reckon it is only condensation though love xxx
  6. Humidity way up and plants are sweating bad.

    Dont got into bloom like this it will be disaster

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    It happened during the first dark time, of the flip. I put an indica in the next day and it did the same thing. But it has happened since...

    Humidity is high, but there's nothing I can do about it for now. It's just what it is.

    At least I can't think of anything I can do. The seasons are changing where I live and humidity is raising in general. And my room is basically in a basement in the center of a house, so no windows near to ventilated in and out. I bought a mini dehumidifier and put it in the tent, but the air is moving in and out my tent too fast for it to work. And I think my phresh filter is holding it in, I'm not 100% sure... is there anything I can put in there that will naturally remove moisture from the air?

    I switched from soil to hydro, and the humidity problem is a result. I have the cash to invest, but I'm also looking at moving in July to a bigger house for my family, and I don't want to spend money that may be unnecessary in the next spot. I live in one of the legalize recreational states, so a zip is only worth about $100 - 120 donation, but I tend to just give most of it away...

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  8. Lol I just thought about something... I'm a wood flooring installer/cobtractor in my day life, so humidity seems to be a problem in multiple aspects of my world. Haha. The struggle is real, yo....

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