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  1. This is my cannalope seedling 19 days from seed. I germed it in reaaaalllly hot Lowe's soil and them stem was purple from day 1. A week passed and I didn't think it would make it so I moved it into a larger container with healthier medium (ffof and perlite). Veg growth going pretty smoothly now and my girl(I hope) is happy ,but there's this weird purple skin around the base of the stem which has managed to shrivel up and I believe the plant will get rid of it by itself when they cotyledons perish but I wanted to know if anybody could tell me more?

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  2. never saw one purple like that.
    lots of times there will be a white skin like that on seedlings.

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  3. It should be fine...ive never experienced negetive effect from purple stems but the only reason I usually get purple stems are because of the cold from winter...there is a case of deficiency of something that causes purple stems but I'm not sure but ive had many successful grows from seedlings into adults that had purple stems
  4. Yeah I've heard things to that degree Luxap. My first hypothesis was that my plant freaked out about being planted in hot soil that young and is shedding it out now? Hahaha this probably sounds ridiculous to somebody who has extensive knowledge of plant life.

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  5. It's just part of the seed, a membrane.

    Twas Ever Thus!

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