what is this?

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  1. i'm new to this and i saw it at my friends house, and i didn't want to look stupid so i didnt ask her. so what is it? like the technical terms i guess. thanks! 20140113_163145.jpg 20140113_163149-1.jpg

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    Stemless honeycomb perc bong basicallyEdit: looked at the picture too fast, looked like one at first, apologies
  3. How is that a honey comb?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. looks to me to kinda be a circ/matrix/barrel something along those lines, with a natty/stemless as the first chamber i could be really wrong though
  5. Not a honeycomb
  6. [quote name="Hypoxic" post="19338029" timestamp="1389706990"]Not a honeycomb[/quote]Yeah. included it in the edit, but my fault. Looked at the picture too fast
  7. so does anyone have any idea what it is? lol
  8. Glass on Glass stemless bong with a matrix perc is what it looks like to me

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